I used these 3 kitchen ingredients to cut my belly fat by half in JUST 2 months!

I used these 3 kitchen ingredients to cut my belly fat by half in JUST 2 months!

As simple as 1, 2, 3! Try this mum's secret to cutting belly fat by half in just 2 months!

I was inherently blessed with thin genes. Nobody in my family is healthy and hence I never had the tendency to put on weight. I remember in college if the girls around me would ask for a burger without cheese, I would say pass on that cheese to me.

This is how chilled out I was about my eating habits. But this was until I was in my twenties. Soon as I entered my thirties, things began changing. I noticed that if I didn't care about exercising for a few months, I would put on a few inches around my waist.

I understood that perhaps age has brought along a slow metabolism for me. But things became even serious post pregnancy. Though I was able to shed most of my weight within a year, my belly was never the same again. Add to it the fact that every time I became a little careless about my eating habits, the girth would be all too visible on my belly.

I added just these 3 kitchen ingredients...

Tired of sitting on the sofa and mulling over my changed body, I did the next easiest thing -- I added just these 3 kitchen ingredients in my daily routine and believe it or not my belly weight was reduced by half within 2 months.

Yes, I need to maintain the routine so that the effect lasts but having had success with these common kitchen ingredients, I thought it was essential that I pass it on to all other mums out there looking for a quick fix just like me.

#1 Lemon water: I began my mornings by having a glass full of warm water with lemon juice added to it. I would sometimes add honey to it too but largely it was just plain warm water with lemon as it was the easiest thing to do in the morning.

I used these 3 kitchen ingredients to cut my belly fat by half in JUST 2 months!

Earlier when people would say that lemon helps in melting the belly fat, I would never believe it but within a fortnight I began seeing small but visible changes.

#2 Ginger tea: I was never a tea person but to reduce my belly I began sipping on ginger tea twice a day. I added no milk or sugar to my tea. it was just plain black tea with lots and lots of grated ginger.

Ginger is said to raise the body temperature and fasten the fat burning process. Today it's been a few months that I have gotten used to this ginger infusion in my life and I don't think that this routine is going anywhere.

#3. Tomatoes: My evening snack was one large tomato with a bit of pink salt sprinkled on it for taste. I did away with all the unhealthy crisps or biscuits I would munch on to curb my evening snacking pangs.

A large tomato was filling enough to sustain me till dinner without adding any unwanted calories.

I used these 3 kitchen ingredients to cut my belly fat by half in JUST 2 months!

Tomato is said to have a substance that releases lipids that help in burning the fat from my body. After a month or so when I got too bored with a tomato I sometimes used to substitute it with a bowl of tomato soup instead.

Just plain tomatoes boiled in water with salt and pepper without any butter or cornflour.

I realized that the simpler I kept my routine, the easier it was for me follow. So my advice to all you mums out there is to try these 3 simple hacks before you begin any complicated diets or exercises.

*This article first appeared on theIndusparent

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