Kinderland Childcare @ Singapore Poly - Review

Kinderland Childcare @ Singapore Poly - Review

We visited the Singapore Poly branch of Kinderland Childcare. Here's what we think.

Here is another review of child care @ Singapore Poly

Here is another review of child care @ Singapore Poly

The first thing we realise as we step into Kinderland Child Care @ Singapore Poly is that the school takes its motto, “Nurture with Nature” seriously. Lush greenery surrounds the entire campus, with wide, grassy spaces for children to play and run around in. Conveniently relocated in front Singapore Poly Gate 5, the centre is easily accessible and has a convenient drop-off place for your children.

This Kinderland branch @ SP moved from its former location deep within the SP campus, to its current site in 2007, to allow easier access to the centre. The newer centre consists of a group of blocks, each dedicated to an individual level. Gates outside each building also ensure that the kids are incapable of wandering off without the careful supervision of their teachers. Within the compound lies an alfresco dining area, so that children can have their meals in the fresh air within a large grassy area, where the outdoor playground, fitness corner and sand pit lie.

The centre offers a comprehensive education for the little tots, in order to prepare them for their Primary school lives. As such, the children have scheduled lessons for Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese, Art and more, where they read, play, interact with each other and most importantly, learn. Some of the other programmes offered outside the basic curriculum include gymnastics as well as English and Chinese Speech and Drama. Water play and music lessons are also held weekly.

The centre’s Principal, Ms Audrey Koh, is a picture of youth even in her 40s. “Maybe it’s because I’m working with children,” she says with a modest smile. And yes, even the principal gets involved with the kids and spends some of her time playing with and teaching the kids. It is clear that at Kinderland, the kids are what matter the most. Care and devotion of the teachers, and the attention paid to every detail regarding the children is evident from the Birthday List on glass panels around the centre dedicated to every single child.

In Kinderland @ Singapore Poly, another delightful aspect of the school culture that we note is the way the teachers engage with the kids, as they too wear the pre-school uniforms. “This way, kids feel more comfortable with us,” explains Ms Koh. And comfortable they seem to be, with the children in seemingly constant high spirits when in class with their teachers. “I like school, my friends are going to meet me and I like my teachers,” chirps 3 year-old Der Nen.

As it is, Kinderland Childcare @ Singapore Polytechnic is a great place to send your kids during his or her pre-school years for a wholesome education, and needless to say, a wonderful time as well.

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