Kindergarten student raped in toilet, teacher fired

Kindergarten student raped in toilet, teacher fired

The little girl is so traumatised by the incident that she's even scared of her father now.

Some shocking news about a kindergarten student raped in a toilet has come to our attention. The incident involving a little girl, took place in a Thai kindergarten on August 4 2018. 

Kindergarten Student Raped in Toilet Is Just Four Years Old 

The gang-rape of a four-year-old kindergarten student in Chin Buri, Thailand, has left us reeling.

The little one was reportedly allowed to go to the toilet alone by her teacher. This was despite the school’s rule that children must always go in groups of two or three to the toilet. 

It was when she was alone that she was molested and raped by three teenage schoolboys, aged 15-17. These teenagers have been identified as “problem youths” by Thai media, with two of them living in the welfare system’s shelters. 

Reports say the little girl’s class teacher was fired for letting her student go alone to the toilet. Meanwhile the director of the kindergarten has reportedly installed 16 CCTV cameras with the hope of preventing incidents like this happening again. 

kindergarten student raped

Kindergarten student raped: The little girl has been left traumatised and terrified of all men and boys after the incident – even her father.

Traumatised and Scared

On August 7, the child’s mother reportedly “petitioned the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women to help speed up progress in the case, and for legal action to be taken against the three accused.”

Apparently, the little one has been left so traumatised and scared by the rape that she is terrified of all boys and men – including her father. The girl has also been taken out from the school. 

Why Are We Failing to Protect Our Children? 

Incidents involving the rape of very young children are increasingly making headlines. Just recently, primary school youth in Indonesia, influenced by watching pornography, raped an eight-year-old girl. There are countless more cases.

Terrifyingly, we’re also hearing more reports of older children molesting younger ones. As a mother, I can’t help wonder where and how we’re failing our children.

Is it because our little ones are more frequently exposed to violence, via electronic devices and games, and in society? Are we as parents not firm enough about what we expect from caregivers of our children with regards to their safety? 

More questions need to be asked but at the same time, we can start presenting solutions. 

Talk to your children about ways they can protect themselves. 

Explain the concept of “good touch, bad touch“. 

Insist that caregivers of your little ones are open about how they will protect your children. For example, you have the right to know about your child’s preschool’s safety policies. Or instruct your helper on what she should do to keep your little one safe. 

Protect your children from negative influences of both society and technology. Set limits on screen time, be aware of the games they play. 

Finally, be that proverbial village, not just for your own circle of loved ones, but for other children too. 

Here at theAsianparent, we hope this young girl gets the support she needs to heal from the trauma of what happened to her. 


Source: AsiaOne

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