Kind strangers help grieving dad recover his wife’s lullabies after she died during childbirth

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After Jared Buhanan-Decker lost his wife Sharry during childbirth, he found her recordings of songs on her laptop but didn't know how to listen to them. Read on to find out how strangers rallied around him to help him recover her lullabies for her baby son

Jared and Sharry Buhanan-Decker were together for 12 years and married for 10 before she died tragically during childbirth due to amniotic fluid embolism (AFE), Independent Journal Review reports. Music, as Jared wrote in his blog, was a huge part of their relationship.

“All these things are pieces of her that she left behind"

“Sharry played and sang beautifully and very few people ever had the privilege because she was so nervous of criticism and embarrassing herself,” Jared wrote. “She recorded a handful of songs though over the 12 years we were together. We always had very poor equipment that brought plenty of frustration to both of us but I think she worked magic with what we had.”

Two months ago, he found backups of some recordings on her laptop but didn’t know how to access them as they were in an unfamiliar format. “I was very frustrated,” he told Zoomin.TV. “All these things are pieces of her that she left behind.”

On the next page: find out how Jared was able to recover the files with the help of strangers on the internet.

He turned to the internet for help, asking the folks at Reddit if they could convert the files to something he could access.

“When I got to hear her voice again, it was a pretty emotional experience for me”

He was expecting only one or two people to respond to his request, but so many stepped up and volunteered their expertise—including even a few professional music producers.

"I'm so glad that now your son or daughter will be able to hear their mother's voice and grow up knowing she was so talented and loved them very much," one redditor wrote. "You and your newborn will be in my thoughts."

Jared was overwhelmed by the incredible response he received. “Might be overstepping myself a little here but you all have been incredibly amazing,” he wrote in a follow-up comment down the thread to thank all those who helped him. “Like making my heart melt kind of stuff!”

“When I got to hear her voice again, it was a pretty emotional experience for me,” he told Zoomin.TV.

Jared now plays Sharry’s songs for their son James every night to put him to sleep.

Here is Sharry performing a heart-wrenching cover of Regina Spektor's "Jessica":

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