Kim Lim postpones her wedding to October, and here's why!

Kim Lim postpones her wedding to October, and here's why!

Singapore billionaire Peter Lim's daughter Kim Lim reveals the REAL reason she postponed her wedding to October this year...

“Save the Date: 23rd March 2018”, read the card Kim Lim posted on Instagram last year.

That was on 21 July 2017, right after news broke out that she had given birth to a baby boy.

And yet, the wedding we were all waiting for, never took place in March 2018. What had possibly happened? 

Kim Lim


In a recent interview, Singapore billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter Kim Lim reveals the reason. The REAL reason. 

Why Kim Lim postponed her wedding

When Kim gave birth to her son, Kyden, last July, it triggered a media frenzy of sorts. No one had known that she was expecting a baby!

The secret came out when football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo dropped in to Thomson Medical Centre to visit new mum Kim.

(For those who didn’t know, Kim’s father, Peter Lim, owns Spanish football club Valencia, and is the owner of Hong Kong-based Mint Media, which controls all image rights for Ronaldo, except those relating to Real Madrid.)

Apparently, Kim had registered her marriage in February 2017. We still don’t know much about her husband, except that his name starts with a ‘K’. And that, he has his own businesses.

As to why she postponed her wedding banquet (to tentatively October 2018), Kim tells The Straits Times that it was because she, “felt fat and not good enough”.

Looking good obviously matters a lot to this young lady!

She has already lost the 25 kg she had put on during pregnancy. But she hopes to lose more weight, and is working out to get back in shape.

She promises that her wedding will be an event to look forward to. “My wedding has to be ‘bamz'”, she tells The Straits Times.

Kim Lim wants 3 or 4 kids

Kim Lim


Most of us were quick to assume that Kim hadn’t planned on her pregnancy. But, truth is, she wants to have 3 or 4 kids before she turns 30!

She has been quoted as saying, “I want three or four kids, right? And everyone keeps telling me, you better have them before you’re 30, otherwise you can’t slim down anymore.”

“I want to be a hot mum… So if I want four kids, like, I better start soon, you know what I mean?”

And daddy Peter has been pushing for more kids too.

“My family loves children. My dad also really loves kids and has been telling me since I was 22 to have babies soon because, you know, my dad is quite old.”

“My father loves the baby so much and would offer to help take care of him. Our whole family spoils the baby, he’s our family’s joy”, says this proud mummy.

Kim Lim loves being a mum

Kim Lim


For someone so rich, we think Kim Lim would have many maids just for her baby. 

But, she reveals rather surprisingly, “Everyone always thinks that I would have many helpers or something, but I am actually very hands-on. Even when I go overseas on holiday, I don’t take the helper with me.”

“I think that’s so important because kids grow up so fast. He is only at this age right now and the moment will pass by very quickly.”

Apparently, she and her husband take care of the baby at night including feeding and changing his diapers. She has only one maid, who helps take care of the baby during day time.

So far, she seems to be loving everything about being a mum.

“This is all a learning phase for me. You ask me what challenges I’m facing, but I don’t see any of it as a challenge yet. I just really enjoy the process.”

“The baby comes before everything, so I want to do things for him,” she says.

Kim Lim

Kyden’s 99 days party. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / KIM LIM

She has already started planning for Kyden’s first birthday party in July. Expect something BIG. Remember the 99 days party she threw for him last year?! 🙂

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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