Kim Kardashian's going crazy over her baby's breastfeeding schedule

Kim Kardashian's going crazy over her baby's breastfeeding schedule

Kim Kardashian is delirious over her baby's breastfeeding schedule. Fellow mums, can you relate?

Kim Kardashian on nursing her kids

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter early Monday morning to open up about the challenges of nursing her almost 2-month-old son, Saint West.

The new mum tweeted: "This 4 am feeding really kills me... I'm like delirious."

A few hours earlier, she wrote that Saint and her two-year-old daughter, North, were already "bathed, fed & asleep" by 8.30 pm, and she didn't "even know what 2 do with this free time."

Apparently, she could have used some of the free time for sleep, because she was clearly bound to have a long night of breastfeeding.

She also shares on her social media app how North hates it whenever she has to nurse her newborn Saint.

For some reason, North hates when I feed the baby, and she lays on my lap so Saint can't be right in front of me to eat," Kim shares.

She said: "I've started to include her. Sometimes I will pump and have her feed him the bottle. That totally worked! She loved helping me, as opposed to my attention being off her, and now she is my little helper."

Public breastfeeding

Kim is also weighing in on the oft-debated topic of public breastfeeding, revealing why she isn't comfortable doing so herself.

"I say, whatever makes you comfortable goes. I still personally wouldn't breastfeed at a restaurant with a bunch of people I didn't know staring at me," she writes. "I've seen this before and remember tweeting how shocked I was.

"Now that I'm a mum, I'm not that shocked, especially if you have a few kids and can't leave to breastfeed one kid in the bathroom while leaving the others at the table. But I still personally wouldn't do it, unless it was an emergency situation and I was fully covered.

She added that she would however, breastfeed in front of her girl friends. She said: "I think it's such a natural experience and I'm not shy about that. I know so many people get backlash for posting breastfeeding pics, but I don't mind them!"

She also shared that using a nipple shield most of the time helps feed the baby better and also prevent her nipples from being too irritated or engorged.

The hospital suggested shields to me, since at the beginning I found nursing super painful and difficult, so I took some home and never looked back," said the 35-year-old.

Kim is hardly the first celeb to get candid about breastfeeding recently. Notably, actress Alyssa Milano has been vocal about her decision to publicly breastfeed and told ET, "I think people are more comfortable sexualizing breasts than relating them to what they were made for, which is feeding another human."

On Staying Healthy

Whatever she's doing to stay healthy and get fit, it's working. Kim, who says she gained 60 pounds during her recent pregnancy, recently revealed that she's already lost 30 pounds since giving birth to Saint and is looking to drop another 40.

She goes for daily morning walks and hikes to stay fit and healthy.

News Source: Yahoo, Yahoo

Fellow mums, how do you deal with your baby's breastfeeding schedule? Comment down below!

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