Breastfeeding resources in Singapore

Breastfeeding resources in Singapore

Read more about resources and organisations that help and guide your breastfeeding journey here in Singapore.

Breastfeeding resources in Singapore

What are organisations that I can approach for information and support?

Singapore Breastfeeding Mums Facebook Group
The Breastfeeding Mother's Support Group Singapore
The Association for Breastfeeding Advocacy Singapore

Who can I approach for guidance?

During your hospital stay, you may approach the lactation nurses on duty. After you are discharged from hospital, you can make an appointment to see them for further advice if you are having problems with breastfeeding. Some doctors such as your gynecologist or pediatrician may also be able to help. There are private lactation consultants who do home visits. Charges range from between $50-$80 for a hospital visit and $120-$160 for a home visit. Here is a list of recommended lactation consultants who can help you.

You can also call the counselors in the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group for help.

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