Killing two Hearts with One Affair

Killing two Hearts with One Affair

Another celebrity has hit the dust with an alleged sex scandal. This time, it is Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. Read more on the possible reasons as to why a man cheats on his pregnant spouse.

Another celebrity has hit the dust with an alleged sex scandal. This time, it is Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. According to both The News of the World and the Sunday Mirror, a 21-year-old prostitute is claiming she bedded Rooney seven times in a four month span, all while his wife was pregnant.

It is reported that Rooney’s wife Coleen, fled to her parents’ home to mull the future of their marriage in the wake of tabloid headlines.

To take some pressure of Rooney, let's look at some other celebrities who have faltered recently.


Mel Gibson

Violet Kowal, a porn actress and producer from Poland, told the National Enquirer Mel Gibson slept with her while his ex-girlfriend Oksana was pregnant. Kowal reportedly took a lie detector test and passed it!

Kowal, 26, claims she and Gibson had sex about eight times while Oksana was pregnant.  She said they slept together at his Malibu compound and his Santa Monica office in 2009.





Tikki Barber

Former NFL great and Today show Sports commentator Tiki Barber cheated on his pregnant wife Ginny Barber with 23-year old intern Traci Lynn Johnson.

He has, in fact, left his wife for Traci Lynn.

David Boreanaz

Bones Star David Boreanaz cheated on his wife of eight years, Jaime Bergman, while she was pregnant, reportedly -- and of all people with Rachel Uchitel, the same NYC events planner who slept with a married Tiger Woods!

Boreanaz is now looking to patch up his marriage with his wife.

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline cheated on actress Shar Jackson with Britney Spears while Shar was pregnant with their third child. He is currently living off Britney’s spousal support.


Spare Me, Daddy

The to-be mother under goes an emotional breakdown as she questions herself continuously and struggles to come to terms with such betrayal. We tend to miss out that fact that there are two lives in total taking the emotional beating. A pregnant woman’s thoughts have a physical connection to her unborn child. Everything the pregnant mother feels and thinks is communicated through neurohormones to her unborn child.

Negative thoughts are often the root cause of a fear-based stress response. Dr. Deepak Chopra states:

“Stress activates the unborn child’s endocrine system and influences fetal brain development.”

Children born to mothers who had intensely stressful pregnancies are more likely to have behavioral problems later in life. Studies show that mothers under extreme and constant stress are more likely to have babies who are premature, lower than average in weight, hyperactive and irritable.

Indeed, it IS the killing of two hearts with one affair.

Why do men cheat?

Why do men cheat?

1.) I really am quite bored and I have nothing else better to do.

2.) I’m a man and I can do whatever I want. Now get back to the cave and cook me some grub.

3.) It’s just part of my exercise regime. Really!

4.) It’s a guy thing!! (Translated: There is no rational thought pattern connected with it, and you have no chance at all of making it logical.)

5.) If you can have your cravings for ice cream! Why can’t I fullfill mine? Well, it’s not exactly ice-cream though.

Well, thank God for women, these reasons do not apply at all as to the reasoning on why men cheat on their pregnant wives. You can heave that sigh of relief now.

When a woman goes through pregnancy, the experience can be quite a lonely one for men. There is usually a high amount of support for women during her pregnancy. She is surrounded by excitement and given first priority for almost every step she takes. During such an experience, men may end up feeling like a spare part.

And if we women think we’re the only ones packaged with out-of-control emotions, we’ve got quite a surprise waiting for us. Men also experience a whole range of emotions during their partner’s pregnancy. These emotions range from elation to pure panic. Their fears are wrapped around loss of control and loss of independence. The idea of a baby marks the start of utmost responsibility on their part. Men then struggle with the idea of entering fatherhood like how most women struggle with the idea of motherhood.

Furthermore, for many men, the ability to attract women is a huge issue and crucial to their self-esteem. The image of a dad marks the end of his James Dean days and kick starts the days of diaper changing and bedtime stories.

What can women do?

The most detrimental of it all, is that men are not likely to voice out their feelings and they end up cooping up their anxieties.  Not known for being the best communicators , men then engage in that pre-baby fling as a ‘cry’ for help.

And we may be surprised to know that most men do crave a lot of attention. The affair represents an expression of their suppressed fears which they unable to admit to themselves or anyone else.

Though it would be the worst possible time for a man to cheat on his wife when she is pregnant (as women are most vulnerable physically and emotionally during pregnancy), there’s no harm in women taking some precautionary measures.

Here’s how:

1.) Try to be interested in sex and please your partner in other ways if you're not feeling up to doing the actual deed.

2.) Try not to be irritable and let the raging pregnancy hormones drive you to bark commands at him.

3.) Try not to make him think that he is annoying and incompetent.

4.) Be the woman he married.

Do remember that ‘real men’ will understand that the pregnancy period will pass sooner or later - they will get their sweet loving wives back and be blessed with a new-born baby too. But at the same time, you may have to self-reflect. If your man is too weak to stay faithful while you are pregnant of all times, nothing is going to stop him from stepping out of line on another stressful occasion.

Ultimately, he is your partner and only you know him well enough.  Communication is always key to a successful relationship. So go ahead: communicate, understand, empower yourself, your hubby and your relationship.

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