Baby brutally murdered and shoved into a blazing hot oven after mum leaves baby with grandmother

Baby brutally murdered and shoved into a blazing hot oven after mum leaves baby with grandmother

The baby was barely 20 months old...

We’ve often heard of mentally unstable people and parents killing innocent children. But recently, a case in the US might show that even grandmothers aren’t so kind either. The killer grandmother in this case committed a crime so gruesome that even the Sheriff in charge was appalled.

20-month-old brutally murdered by killer grandmother

Officers in America made a gruesome discovery on the night of 15 October 2018, Monday. After finding a baby pierced with a knife and cooking inside a blazing oven, the police took 48-year-old Carolyn Jones into custody. 

The next day, Kelvin Williams, local County Sheriff, confirmed that Jones – the grandmother – has been accused with murdering her granddaughter.

The victim, Royalty Marie Floyd, was hardly 20 months old. A relative who found her lifeless body in Jone’s house rang the local Police Department. After their arrival, officers requested for further assistance from the County Sheriff’s Office.

In a press release, the Sheriff’s office revealed that Royalty was residing with Jones when she died. However, no one can say for sure where her parents were.

killer grandmother

Kelvin Williams, the local County Sheriff, talking about the case of the killer grandmother in a press release. | Image Source: NBC news

Why did the killer grandmother do it?

On Tuesday evening, Jones attended court. She was placed on a bond valued at $500,000.

Even then, the killer grandmother’s motive remains a mystery. According to Williams, the police are still striving to “figure that out” themselves, as they “have no idea at this point”. Williams hopes that they’ll be able to obtain “some closure” after they have a thorough discussion with an investigator and after they show their findings to a judge so that official charges can be put in place.

“Dark days such as these can only be brightened when justice is served,” says Williams.

Authorities did not clarify how hot the oven was, nor did they say the time the infant spent in it.

Warren Strain, a representative from the Department of Public Safety, remarked that inspectors were still working to find out what led to the infant’s demise, and the exact moment when she met her end.

On 16 October, Tuesday, Williams also added that authorities were conducting an autopsy. The girl’s body has already been directed to a crime lab, where pathologists will uncover if the victim had died previous to, or subsequent to, being inside the blazing oven.

Watch a short video regarding the news below:

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the bereaved mother. As much as we would love to trust even our own parents with our children, let this be a lesson to everyone to always be vigilant with who you choose as your child’s guardian. 

References: NBC News, youtube

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