Kids as young as two already addicted to junk food, study says

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To make matters worse, these toddlers are getting hooked on junk wherein they would prefer eating junk food over their homemade meals.

Obesity is one of the biggest health concerns today, and it’s brought about by the fast-paced way with which we now live our lives. Whether or not we admit it, instant and junk food is now a part of our diets. Unfortunately, it trickles down to the diets of our children as well.

Adults are often the ones struggling with obesity, brought on by years of neglect and unhealthy lifestyle, but according to new figures, the ages of obese individuals continue to get younger.

“A study revealed that children two and below are already prone to consume junk food,” said a Parent Herald report. “To make matters worse, these toddlers are getting hooked on junk wherein they would prefer eating junk food over their homemade meals.”

Children need to receive as much vitamins and nutrients as they could, and they should have fruits and vegetables with their first meals while finger and junk food must be avoided.

As Parents reported, by 12 months of age, more than 40 percent of babies are eating cookies, brownies, and salty snacks.

Meanwhile, in a study commissioned by Beach-Nut, it revealed that children’s main fruit source are fruit juices, which are often pumped with artificial flavorings and sugar.

Not only that, around 30 percent of children ages two and below are already consuming sodas and other sweetened beverages.

“As for their food, the studies reveal that by the age of one, babies are already consuming reach fries and potato chips in lieu of their vegetable consumption,” said the Parent herald report. “By the time they would reach a year and a half, they are already consuming 6.5 teaspoons of sugar every day, which is equivalent to a cup of soda.”

Children do deserve treats every once in a while, and childhood wouldn’t be the same if sugary foods and drinks don’t figure in it, but it’s important to note that the younger the child is, the more dominant fruits and vegetables are in their diets.

In fact, the later they are introduced to junk and artificial food the better. There’s also no harm in training children to be accustomed to eating vegetables while they are young.

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