Kids' imaginary friends brought to life in fun exhibit

Kids' imaginary friends brought to life in fun exhibit

Thanks to a group of artists, six lucky kids got to hug their imaginary friends. All the real-life renderings were based on the kids' sketches

The V&A Museum of childhood in London made a bunch of kids’ dreams come true as they brought their imaginary friends to life for a fun photo exhibit.

The amazing photo series called the Imaginary Friend Collection is still currently on display and it showcases huggable, and even larger than life depictions of a group of kids’ imaginary friends based on their sketches.



photos: Yahoo

“Children create many amazing things — take their imaginary friends for instance,“ the project’s creators, Arvid Harnqvist and Amar Marwaha, both told the Huffington Post. “They are talked about all the time and often become part of the family. But when the child gets older, these marvellous creations fade away.”

This not only provides temporary amusement for the kids and museum goers but it also immortalises their imaginary friends and distils a time in their life when they believed anything was possible and they let their imagination run wild, without limits.



photos: Yahoo

The sketches of six children were chosen out of 60 submissions by a group of animators and model makers back in September 2015.

The stunning renderings were shot by the renowned British photographer Rankin.


photo: Yahoo

“Explore the museum to meet all the imaginary friends,” invites the Museum of Childhood. “Why not think of what your imaginary friend looks like…”


photo: Yahoo


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