Mum Shares Kid-friendly Chicken Rice Recipe That Even Fussy Eaters Will Love!

Mum Shares Kid-friendly Chicken Rice Recipe That Even Fussy Eaters Will Love!

Just add a side of chili and lime, and it's good for adults too!

Angie Low is a mummy who loves cooking delicious meals for her 10-month-old little boy. She is also a firm believer of baby-led weaning (BLW), in which a child is introduced to “regular” food, instead of traditional purees.

BLW proponents say that kids introduced to solids in this manner turn out to be less picky when it comes to food. If you are a mummy of a fussy eater, then you should definitely try out Angie’s super kid-friendly chicken rice recipe that is bound to have even the pickiest of eaters asking for more! 

kid friendly chicken rice

Doesn’t this kid-friendly chicken rice recipe look so yummy? Angie serves it up with cucumber sticks and grapes cut into quarters. The rice is shaped into balls making it easier for little ones to hold. What a winner of a recipe!

Mum Shares Her Yummy Kid-Friendly Chicken Rice Recipe

Now, before you worry that this recipe might be too time-consuming to make, stop! Angie, being a mum herself, knows just how valuable saving time is for busy mums. That’s why her recipe is not just kid-friendly, but mum-friendly too! 

All it involves is just dumping everything in the rice cooker! Yup, that easy. She does advise you to use homemade chicken stock though, which is so much better than super-salty, store-bought stock. It is also more flavourful than anything you can buy. 

You can easily make a big pot of chicken stock simply by simmering together chicken bones, herbs, chopped celery and carrots. Angie adds in black peppercorns for an extra boost of flavour. 

Once the stock is ready, just strain out the bones and veg, pour the clear stock in to food-grade ziplock bags or containers, and freeze! Whenever you need chicken stock, all you need to do is bring one packet to room temperature and use! 

Kid friendly chicken rice

Tip from Angie: Breastmilk storage bags are a clever, freezer-friendly storage solution for stock. 

Now, let’s find out how to make Angie’s kid-friendly chicken rice. 


Chicken (marinated in sesame oil and white pepper)
Onion (chopped roughly)
Garlic (smashed)
Ginger (few slices)
Pandan leaves (4-5 pieces tied together)
Chicken stock (if you don’t have home-made, store-bought works)
Rice (I used a mixture of pearl rice, millet and quinoa)
Optional: salt (I didn’t use any)

kid friendly chicken rice

This is the ultimate mum-friendly recipe too, as everything can go into the rice cooker!


1. Wash rice (use either pearl rice or Japanese rice as this is key to holding the balls together).

2. Prep the other ingredients:
– chop onion
– smash garlic
– slice ginger
– pandan leaves

3. Place the following ingredients into the rice cooker:
– washed rice
– chicken stock (liquid level is as per how you usually boil rice)
– pandan leaves
– smashed garlic and chopped onions
– sliced ginger

4. Turn on your cooker and cook as how you would normally cook rice. I used the Expert Mode. There are many modes but I believe the one to avoid would be Quick.

5. Done!

kid friendly chicken rice

Left: the cooked chicken rice. | Middle: Look at Angie’s little one enjoying his yummy meal! | Right: Perfect for adults too, of course, with chili and lime.

Note: You may add garlic powder or sea salt into the chicken stock while cooking the rice for more flavour, but I did not. The key is also to have a flavourful chicken stock; mine has black peppercorns in it, so that added tonnes of flavour to the overall taste of the stock.

Angie tells us, “One of the best parts about making this dish is the SMELL. Oh how fragrant your home will be when this dish is bubbling away in your rice cooker!”

She’s also tried cooking this in an ELB (electric lunch box) and she says it, “worked really well for single or double portion.”


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theAsianparent would like to thank Angie for sharing this delicious recipe with us, and of course, our readers! We hope all of you reading this try it out. Just don’t forget to share pictures with us of your little ones enjoying this dish!

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