Singaporean parents make the toughest decision of their life, pulling off their 14-month-old from life support

Singaporean parents make the toughest decision of their life, pulling off their 14-month-old from life support

"Not something we wish to fall upon any other parent, ever." On 29 July, Khoiri Benyamin Bin Mohammed Khairil was taken off support, after fighting for 14 months.

Khoiri Benyamin came into this world 14 months ago, on 28 May 2015, along with two of his older brothers. They were quickly adored by many and their Facebook page: The SG50 Triplets was frequently visited by many who wanted to be updated on their progress.

But what nobody expected was for such a happy and loving family to have one of their triplets be taken away from them in a matter of months. This story is not only heart-breaking and life-shattering- it is also one of strength, support and love.


Benyamin (also referred to many as Ben), was the youngest amongst the triplets, who were born at 29 weeks, and just 5 minutes apart from each other.

He was also the smallest of the three, and was on steroids in order to mature his lungs.

 Unlike his brothers, Daniyal and Kaysan, Ben couldn't leave the hospital as yet- he still had difficulties breathing on his own. Doctors decided to keep him in the hospital, with tubes attached to him to help him breathe.

It was only in October 2015, that the doctors decided to extubatne the tubes. Even so, Ben still wasn't ready to leave the hospital, and even the triplets' first birthday was celebrated there.


In spite of all of this, mum and dad still remained strong, and were wonderful parents to Daniyal and Kaysan.

Miraculously, on the first week of Raya this year, Ben was allowed to be discharged from the hospital, and the family celebrated the festivities.

However, their happiness was short-lived as Ben was rushed back to NUH due to a collapse when he was unable to breathe. Ben also had a brain injury due to lack of oxygen. The doctors managed to revive him but he was still in coma.

His mum also shared with us:

"Ben was born with trachea problem and he was discharged with a tracheostomy. However after 8 days at home, he collapsed as he was unable to breathe after trachy change for that week. We lost him from home till hospital. The whole episode about an hour, there was lack of oxygen in his brain and affected his internal organs as well especially his lungs. Due to this, his brain was damaged as there was no brain activity in his brain."

Ben's parents were told that if he didn't respond within a week, they would have to make what would be the toughest decision of their lives: to take Ben off the ventilator.

In the Facebook post, Ben's parents mentioned: "but I think I've had enough seeing my boy suffer the whole of his 1 year 2 months of life."


Ben's parents decided with an extremely heavy heart to pull Ben off from any form of support on Friday, 29 July, after advice from the doctor.


The Facebook post read: 

"Our last few moments with Ben.
No amount of words able to describe how difficult it was for us to let go.

Alhamdulilah (All the praises and thanks be to Allah), he's rested now.

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un.

'We surely belong to God and to Him we shall return.'"

Ben's mother told theAsianparent that she and her husband hope that no other parent has to ever experience what they've been through.

"The hardest decision a parent can make is to put their kid's life away. But since this is the best for Ben, I accept."

Khoiri Benyamin is the strongest 14-month-old fighter we know and we at theAsianparent believe that Ben is in a better place now and free from suffering. We understand the pain and anguish that has befallen his family, and our prayers and thoughts are with them during these tough times.


Please send your well wishes to the family below.

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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