Why it's getting harder to keep baby safe in this world

Why it's getting harder to keep baby safe in this world

There are so many sick people in this world... Yet another sick prank being played in a public restroom and this isn't even the first time this has happened at the same place.

The world is certainly turning into a more dangerous place, not just for adults but for innocent babies too. One mum shares an terrifying experience that show why exactly it's getting so hard to keep baby safe in this world we live in. 

Keep baby safe in this world: Why it's getting harder

British mum Hayley Turner was at the Oxfordshire village hall and she needed to change her baby's nappy. She thought she was in a safe place but she was gravely mistaken.

When she put her baby down on on the public restroom changing table, the boy started screaming.

“I dismissed it as him being tired, cold and grumpy so I changed him as quickly as possible so I could give him a cuddle and calm him down,” she wrote in a Facebook post that has now been shared over 108,000 times.

Public restroom changing table prank

When she picked him up, she saw that someone had deliberately put drawing pins (or thumbtacks) into the bottom of the mat.

“It turns out some lowlife scum thought it would be ‘fun’ to deliberately put drawing pins in the bottom of the changing mat,” wrote Hayley in an angry post.

The public restroom changing table prank resulted in the pins puncturing her child’s skin, giving him red marks on his back.

The local police launched an investigation into the matter after Turner's baby was the second to experience such a harrowing incident. 

Hayley cautions mums: “It’s quite sad to think this has to be done but my word of warning is to CHECK YOUR CHANGING MATS!!”

This and other variants of pranks have been pulled in public restrooms like this one on a public toilet seat.

Here is Hayley's full Facebook post: 

Mums and dads, let this story serve as an eye-opener to you in relation to how you keep baby safe. Don't let this story get you down though - there is also plenty of good in the world! 

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