Kate Middleton shows off her baby bump clad in pretty blue lace

Kate Middleton shows off her baby bump clad in pretty blue lace

We think she looks absolutely gorgeous!

Forget about the fact that she dragged herself to a formal event for the first time since announcing her third pregnancy, despite suffering from severe morning sickness, or hyperemesis gravidarum. Forget about the fact that she looks radiant and healthy in a delicate blue lace dress. 

All the keyboard warriors of the social media world could comment on was how tiny Kate Middleton’s baby bump is and how skinny she looks. This is not okay!

Kate Middleton shows off her baby bump clad in pretty blue lace

Image: Kensington Palace/Instagram

Bump-shaming at its worst

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were attending an event that saw industry leaders gather at Buckingham Palace for World Mental Health Day last week. The princess’s aides are reported to have said that while she is still suffering from morning sickness, she is feeling a little bit better which is why she decided to attend this important event. 

But even though several well-wishers showed their support for the princess on social media, others sat behind their keyboards and attacked Kate’s appearance, asking if she really is pregnant and why her baby bump is so small. 

‘She hardly looks preg!’ wrote one Instagram user. ‘I can’t believe she’s prego, she looks too thin,’ wrote another.

Others criticised the pregnant mum-to-be for looking like a ‘malnourished anorexic’, even describing her her as ’emaciated’.


Stop the shaming

The last thing a pregnant mother wants to hear are nasty and judgmental comments about how she looks or how big or small her pregnancy bump is. But the judgers did not spare Kate Middleton. 

What these shamers are conveniently forgetting is that a. Kate Middleton is still in the early stages of her pregnancy, b. she is naturally slender, and c. every woman is unique in her pregnancy. 

Shaming her appearance is completely uncalled for. Why is it impossible for them to be happy that she has regained her health and is feeling good enough to actually step out in public after months? 

It’s really not okay to judge a fellow mum on anything – whether this is her style of parenting, her choice related to feeding her child, or her appearance in pregnancy and afterwards. 

Mums, you’ll agree that it’s getting increasingly difficult to raise our children in this fast-changing and sometime scary world. So let’s give each other support whenever and wherever possible, and stop the judging. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, right?

Meanwhile, we at theAsianparent are sending Kate Middleton plenty of love and support. We are sure you, our readers, too think that she is an absolute trooper for stepping out while still dealing with severe morning sickness, and we hope the symptoms continue to lessen over the next few weeks. 

Have you ever been judged or shamed? Share your story with us!



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