Just in: Spermbots to tackle infertility in men

Just in: Spermbots to tackle infertility in men

Dresden-based scientists have invented 'spermbot' to address infertility in men. Here's how you can identify the signs of infertility at home

Infertility is a problem in Singapore, affecting 15% of couples here.

But scientists have now devised a way to bring down these numbers.

A team of scientists from the Integrated Nanosciences in Dresden, have developed ‘spermbots’ that can aid poor swimmers to reach the egg faster. Here, the artificial sperm cells will be attached to tiny metal microhelices that will serve as motors to transport the sperms towards the eggs.

Usually, the treatment for infertility involves either the process of artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization. However, neither of the two address the problems of slow motility of sperms.

Therefore, in order to address this problem, the team behind the invention created the miniature polymer helix. This helix was then coated with nickel and titanium so they could control it through magnetism.

Take a look at this video to better understand how ‘spermbots’ work:

This report was first published in the American chemical Society’s journal Nano Letters. The researchers reported an important benefit of these spermbots; motorisation of sperm would help the process of IVF since it is done inside the body as opposed to in the laboratory.

However, these are still under trail and a lot more research is yet to be done, but it is surely a way to look at ‘slow mobility of sperms in men,’ as a problem that can be solved.

Continue reading to know more about the causes of infertility in men.

Causes of infertility in men

If you are going through a ‘phase of slow swimmers,’ then you must first try to identify its root cause. There could be many reasons for infertility in men. Dr Charumati Pekhale, IVF specialist, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai, lists the following medical causes of infertility among men:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Damage or traume to reproductive organs
  • Testicular failure
  • Undescended testis
  • Infections such as mumps
infertility in men

Stress is one of the major causes for infertility in men

Apart from these, there are factors like stress and abnormal chromosome numbers that affect fertility in men. Experts suggest that if you notice the following signs, you must immediately consult the doctor for infertility:

  • Difficulty with ejaculation
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Difficulty in maintaining an erection
  • Complain of pain, swelling or a lump in the testis
  • Decreased facial or body hair

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