Jurong Bird Park celebrates SG50!

Jurong Bird Park celebrates SG50!

This June, Singapore’s grandmas and grandpas get free entry into the Jurong Bird Park. So, get the kids and the grandparents together and head to the park for a bagful of nostalgic ‘tweets’!

Jurong Bird Park

A trip to the Jurong Bird Park is always a cheery chirpy one, with kids spending a delightful day with their feathered friends.  But this June holiday there is oodles more fun to be had at the park.

To mark Singapore’s 50th anniversary, Jurong Bird Park is celebrating a time of inter-generational bonding, by inviting kids, parents and grandparents to come together and enjoy some quality family time.

Lao Jiao Promotion: Gramps and Gran Go Gratis!

In celebration of SG50, Singaporean senior citizens aged 60 years and above enjoy the benefits of the Lao Jiao promotion – wherein they get free admission to Jurong Bird Park and enjoy $2 off their tram rides from 30 May to 30 June 2015

Jurying Bird Park

Get lost in hours of fun with games from a bygone era

Everybody wants to be a Feather Friend!

There is also a special offer for local residents who visit the bird park this holiday – the SG50 Feather Friends membership promotion! One can enjoy unlimited year-round entry to the park – all for the price of a one day admission ticket (prices start from as low as $28 per adult).

Get a dose of Nostalgia with Good Ol’ Games

On June weekends, Jurong Bird Park gives the kids a chance to expand their repertoire of games beyond those available on their smartphones and tablets! Youngsters can play old school games such as hopscotch and five stones, chapteh and kuti kuti with their parents and grandparents. Those with the competitive edge can collect tikam-tikam coupons at the various game stations to win exciting prizes.

Not to be missed is also the larger than life version of the classic board game Snakes and Ladders!

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Jurying Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park offers special promotions for SG50

Hunt for keepsakes

If childhood games of yesteryear are not enough, gather the whole family for a retro hunt that promises to be an exciting journey through the entire park – giving you a chance to glimpse at all the 400 bird species!

While you will need the energy of the kids to run around, the treasure hunt clues can only be unlocked with the wisdom of the grandparents – after all, the clues are of the vintage variety.

Jurying Bird Park

Kids and grandparents need to solve the retro hunt clues together!

Time for a Story

Back in the day, before there was TV, grandpa and grandma used to gather for story-telling sessions as a form of entertainment. Kids will have the chance to participate in an interactive story-telling session about Sang Nila Utama, There is always time for another story. Kids will also get to enjoy another story about a flock of birds who are fighting to be king. Bring the kids and bestow them with wings as they suspend belief and enter into the magical world of fantasy.

A chance to get creative

After all the running around, the children can take a breather with a bit of art and craft. They will have the chance to decorate their own photo frames or create their own feathered friend stick figures.

Dates: 6-28 June (weekends only)
Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm (various timings)
Venue: Jurong Bird Park (activities at various locations around the park)

To find out more, visit Jurong Bird Park’s Facebook page.

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