Jubilee baby gift for Singaporean babies born next year

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Find out what the Jubilee Baby Gift for babies born in 2015, Singapore’s 50th year of independence, is all about.

If you and hubby are thinking of adding a new member to your family next year, you may be pleased to know that there will be a surprise birthday gift waiting for your baby to mark the special day.

jubilee baby gift

Singaporean babies born in 2015 will receive a special Jubilee Baby Gift from the Government.

According to local news reports, all Singaporean babies born in 2015 will receive a celebratory Jubilee Baby Gift from the Government, in celebration of the nation’s Golden Jubilee.

This initiative was conceived after rounds of discussions between the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) and stakeholders, and focus group sessions with Singaporeans to get their views on how the nation should celebrate the birth of the Golden Jubilee babies. The common suggestion was to give a meaningful gift to mark the significance of the babies born in the same year as Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

Share your ideas for the gift

Singaporeans are invited to contribute ideas on what The Jubilee Baby Gift should include through this website, from now until 15 May 2014.

jubilee baby gift

You can submit your ideas for the Jubilee Baby Gift at http://www.heybaby.sg/jubilee/

Suggestions for gift ideas can also be made at various feedback booths across the island. The first 2 setups of “The Jubilee Baby Gift” feedback booths will be located at Jurong Point from April 5 to 6, and VivoCity from April 12 to 13.

To stay updated on the location and dates of  upcoming feedback booths, do check the REACH website and Facebook page – or log on to The Jubilee Baby Gift microsite.

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