Actress Joanne Peh & husband Qi Yuwu expecting SG50 baby!

Actress Joanne Peh & husband Qi Yuwu expecting SG50 baby!

The 2 newly married Mediacorp artistes announced that they are expecting their first child. Read on for more details...

joanne peh and qi yuwu expecting first baby

Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu expecting first baby: The couple’s beautiful wedding shot! (Photo: Facebook)

According to Channel NewsAsia, a statement was released by Mediacorp on 28 January 2015 stating that local celebrity couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu are expecting their first child.

It was reported that the parents-to-be wanted to wait until the “safe period” was over before sharing their news with the public. The couple thanked well-wishers and fans for their care and concern, and Joanne assured them that she is in “good health” and that the both of them “look forward to welcoming the new addition to the family”.

But how does the mum-to-be feel about motherhood?

An excited new mum

joanne peh and qi yuwu expecting first baby

The parents-to-be celebrating Yuwu’s birthday on the movie set of 1965. (Photo: 1965 Facebook)

The happy actress shared that although having a child was part of their plans after their low-key marriage last September, she and Yuwu did not expect to have one quite so soon.

“We said we were going to let nature take its course. We stuck by that. I guess nature just took a faster course,” said Joanne while bursting in laughter.

But is she ready to take on the challenging role as mum?

joanne peh and qi yuwu expecting first baby

A pretty Groupfie with fans during Christmas! (Photo: Facebook)

“I’ve been very ready to be a mum ever since I started filming The Journey: Tumultuous Times,” said the actress. In the Channel 8 blockbuster series, Joanne plays the role of a mother of two. She reportedly said that she enjoyed that role very much. “Having 2 children who I can love unconditionally was such a liberating feeling for me,” said the actress.

“Now that I am actually going to be a mother, I am happy and excited. But if you ask me if I am fully prepared, I can only say you can never be fully prepared! There is so much to learn, so much to know. But I am taking my time to find out!”

Of pregnancy cravings and parenthood

joanne peh and qi yuwu expecting first baby

So, what is this pretty mum-to-be craving for these days? (Photo: Facebook)

The mum-to-be said that she has not experienced any nausea yet, but she does have strong cravings for food which is ever-changing.

“I used to crave local food like Hokkien Mee and Chicken Rice. Then I didn’t want it anymore and I liked sandwiches – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The smell of butter and bread is heavenly! And then that phase passed, and I started to crave ‘lap cheong fan’ (Chinese sausage and rice), food that I wouldn’t eat previously. The next time we meet, maybe I’ll crave something else.”

Despite her wild cravings, there is one thing that remained constant for the couple: their views on raising children.

joanne peh and qi yuwu expecting first baby

Joanne during a reading session with kids at the library. (Photo: Instagram)

Speaking briefly about this, Joanne shared that both herself and Yuwu share the same beliefs on how to bring up their child.

“We’ll both try to impart our positive traits to our child. The most important thing we both agree on is that a child needs to have the chance to be a child and have play time.

“We don’t want to stress [him/her] out, or treat [him/her] like adults too soon. I think at that age, they should be free to play, explore and discover things about the world around them, after they learn the basic skills.”

Boy or girl?

When asked if they have any preference for the baby’s gender, Joanne affirmed that it “really doesn’t matter”.

“I just want the kid to be healthy, happy. That’s the most important thing. Boy or girl, we’ll love the child all the same.”

theAsianparent would like to congratulate Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu on their pregnancy and wish them all the best for a smooth delivery. Be sure to watch this space for updates on the couple’s latest addition to the family!



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Justina Goh

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