Jetting off soon? Essentials for your travel medical kit

Jetting off soon? Essentials for your travel medical kit

A runny nose or a sore throat can definitely put a damper on your holiday. Be prepared and don't leave home without your travel medical kit!

At last the day has come!

The exams are over, the school is shut, the deadlines have been met, the bags are packed, and you are all set for that much longed for holiday.

You have been looking forward to this holiday for a while now. A lot of effort has gone into planning the vacation and you most certainly do not want anything, least of all being injured or unwell, getting in the way of what promises to be a fun-filled family holiday.

Runny nose, a sore throat or a cut may not sound like that much of a big deal, but they can all definitely put a damper on many of your planned adventures.

For instance, a gash on your child’s knee can keep him from swimming in those clear blue waters just like a sore throat can keep you from enjoying the best of local food and drink. Making the most out of your holiday requires you to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Many people overlook taking a travel medical kit along with other holiday essentials such as the right pair of shoes, snacks for the kids, weather-appropriate clothes and toiletries. No matter where you are headed to for your holiday, a medical kit can make all the difference in avoiding trips to the hospital or mitigating an accident.

travel medical kit

Don’t let anything, least of all cuts, bruises or a sore throat, get in the way of your family holiday.

Here is a quick guide for your medical kit essentials:

1. Prescription drugs: If anyone in the family (including the baby) is on prescription drugs make sure that you have enough doses (and some extras) to cover the entire duration of the holiday. It can be extremely hard to refill prescriptions when travelling to other countries because of the difference in laws governing the sale of medicine.

2. Sore throat medicines: A persistent sore throat and chesty cough can really be an irritant during the holidays. Leftose reduces the inflammation, which is often the cause of a sore throat, and helps relieve the pain, swelling and discomfort in the throat. And when you’re suffering from chesty cough, it cuts through the thick phlegm that forms. Lysozyme, the key ingredient in Leftose, is a natural enzyme found in tears and breastmilk, hence is proven to be safe. The anti-inflammatory and mucolytic tablet provides fast relief – just what you need on a short getaway. It comes in syrup form for younger children and tablets for adults.

travel medical kit

The anti-inflammatory properties of Leftose provide fast relief – just what you need on a short getaway.

3. Antihistamines: This is an absolute essential for every traveller’s medical kit, especially if anyone in the family has a history of allergies. Allergic reactions can have serious consequences. As such, do keep antihistamines at hand. For good measure, ensure that you include non-drowsy options for the adults.

4. Painkillers: A mainstay of any travel kit, painkillers will come in handy when the situation arises. It is useful to include the dosage chart for children in, just in case someone other than yourself has to administer the medication.

5. Plasters, sterile gauze, antiseptic sprays and wipes: Kids on holiday almost always entail a certain degree of trouble. The occasional cut, scrape or bruise will be best tended to with the mentioned necessities.

6. Insect repellents and mosquito patches: Nasty bites and constant itching and scratching can be really bothersome for kids and adults alike. Therefore, do include insect repellents and mosquito patches when travelling in the region or any other tropical location.

So before you leave home, do a quick check and make sure that you have packed your family travel medical kit. Hopefully you will have a great incident-free holiday and have no need to use the kit at all!

Leftose tablets are available in 50s at all leading pharmacies for $9.90 and $13.40 for Leftose syrup 100ml. You can find out more about Leftose here.

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