17 Fascinating January Birth Month Facts

17 Fascinating January Birth Month Facts

If you are expecting your baby in January, these fascinating January baby facts can make your journey towards motherhood even more delightful. 

Every baby is a miracle, a bundle of joy unequal to another. Expecting parents anticipate with bated breath the birth of their little one and when your baby has a due date in January, your joy trebles as you await the most precious New Year gift of your life.

Here are some fun January birth month facts to read together, as you snuggle up during bedtime. If you happen to have older children, this would be a great way to get them used to, and indeed looking forward to, having a new sibling to play with. It can be a cosy family moment as you try to speculate on your baby’s nature all based on his or her birth month.

17 Fascinating January Baby Facts You Might Not Know
1. Zodiac Sign

One interesting January birth month fact is that babies born in this month can have a star sign of either Capricorn (January 1 to January 19) or Aquarius (January 20 to January 31).

Capricorns are known for their patience, loyalty and ambition whereas Aquarius is known for being independent, clever and inventive.

2. Birthstone

January-born babies have garnet as their birthstone. Although this stone usually comes in a shade of bold red, it has other colours as well.

3. Birth Flower
17 Fascinating January Birth Month Facts

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Pink and red carnations are considered the birth flowers of those born in January. These frilly flowers depict affection and love, and will also serve to brighten up the little one’s room in a cute bouquet.

4. Celebrities-in-making

It is a known January birth month fact that fame comes knocking on the doors of those born in this month. Irrespective of whether your tiny tot becomes tomorrow’s superstar or not, the baby would definitely be YOUR superstar.

5. Doctors of Tomorrow

Every parent is proud of their child. A study conducted by the UK Office of National Statistics concluded that a majority of the babies born in January are likely to become doctors. Wouldn’t that be something to brag about, if it comes true in your baby?

6. Good Company
17 Fascinating January Birth Month Facts

Babies born in January are dependable and focused. | Photo: iStock

People born in January are always good company. If you need cheering up, look up that friend born in January and forget your troubles for a while.

7. Bold and Beautiful

It’s a January birth month fact that people born in this month are often bold in their decisions and attitude to life in general.

8. Creative Problem-solvers

January-born people are known to be great problem-solvers. They are also very creative and have a very active imagination.

9. Born to Lead

People born in January are born to lead. They have a high probability of becoming the head of companies, and perhaps of the nation as well!

10. A Star in Sports

A good percentage of people born in January are interested in sports and good at them too. They are often dedicated athletes who love to spend time outside.

11. Healthy Baby

Babies born in January are usually in great health and are less prone to falling sick often. This must be a load off the parents’ mind.

12. Lucky Numbers

Based on their star sign, January born babies have 4 and 22 as their lucky numbers.

13. A Great Sense of Humour
january baby facts

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January-born people are very funny and have a great sense of humour.

14. Charismatic to the End

People often tend to emulate the character and behaviour of January-born people. They have a charisma that is difficult to ignore.

15. Young at Heart

Children with January birth month often tend to be quite serious and grownup in their outlook. Not to worry though since they are all young at heart, which becomes more evident as they grow older.

16. A Secretive Bunch

January-born people are extremely loyal and trustworthy when it comes to keeping any secrets.

17. Immune to Stupidity

Not responding to stupid remarks or stupidity, in general, is a characteristic trait of people born in January. Does that mean they are also patient and understanding and probably unlikely to engage with them? 

Source: Daily Mail

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