Jackie Chan's "The Spy Next Door"

Jackie Chan's "The Spy Next Door"

Jackie Chan's latest movie "The Spy Next Door" is great treat for the whole family.

Famous action and comedy star Jackie Chan stars in another comedy movie that is great for the whole family. Chan plays Bob Ho, a secret spy who moves in next to Jillian, played by Amber Valletta, and her family. Jillian, a single mom of three kids (and some pets), thinks that her neighbour is just an ordinary pen importer.

Jackie Chan's character is in love with Jillian so when she asks him to babysit for her kids as she has to go out of town to care for her injured father, he immediately says yes. Although not really good at doing house chores, Bob is happy for the chance to get to know Jillian's kids more. While Bob packs his things, the kids snoop in on his computer and accidentally downloads a top-secret file which actually belongs to a Russian mafia.

The movie goes really fast and I would say that it's pretty predictable. The action scenes are typical of Jackie Chan. Kids love our martial arts hero so you won't have to worry about your kids getting restless or sleepy. But be warned that the story is very shallow and doesn't really require much thinking so don't expect much from the story. But if you are looking for something that will entertain your kids and de-stress you, then The Spy Next Door is perfect.

Well, the story ends with Bob defeating all the enemies with the help of the kids. Jillian comes home and discovers his true identity. She forgives him for not telling her who he really is and marries him.

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Karen Mira

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