iWriteWords app: handwriting fun for kids

iWriteWords app: handwriting fun for kids

Running out of paper while trying to teach your kids how to write? Read more to find out how the handwriting app, iWriteWords can provide your kids with endless hours of fun. They'll definitely enjoy trying their hand at writing!


iWriteWords can provide your kids with hours of handwriting fun!

For busy parents today, anything healthy that can keep their child occupied is a must have. The item that holds their child’s attention the longest wins the prize! Naturally as any other parents, you too require a few minutes of peace and quiet to yourself, so that you can focus on your own needs. So if the chosen item (to replace you) is able to teach your child a thing or two, without your constant input, then we say, rush out and get it quickly! And what better way to start enjoying leisure time than by purchasing the latest handwriting app called iWriteWords.

Writing with Mr. Crab

The iWriteWords app is designed to teach your little darling all about handwriting in a fun and entertaining way. The little animations on the handwriting app help to engage your child’s attention while at the same time incorporating spinets of important information that will be helpful in the long run. There’s no doubt that kids love animations! This handwriting app has a cute, little animated character called Mr. Crab, which will definitely tickle your kids to bits. Besides enjoying the learning experience, your child will also be able to enhance his/her motor skills. Using fingers to drag Mr. Crab to draw the letters, the child effectively learns motor skills, letter writing and word formation all in one go.

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Design and how it works

The handwriting app has beautiful yet striking background colours that are set against bold elementary artwork, which displays the word being spelled. The intuitive interface, high quality graphics, and special effects of this app beat all competition in the market. In the game, kids have to help Mr. Crab grab all the numbered balls by dragging his/her finger across the screen while drawing the letter simultaneously.


Check out how iWriteWords is the funnest handwriting app for your kids


An advantage of using this handwriting app is that your child does not have to have a gadget of his/her own. By simply using your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, your child can be kept entertained while learning new things at the same time, and more importantly, at no extra cost to you. By using iWriteWords, your little darling will eventually be able to progress on to other more challenging apps on the market. Consider this, if nothing else, the price tag of just under S$4 for this app is not only a bargain, but also a steal. You can easily purchase this app here with the tap of a finger

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Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews about iWriteWords have been very positive. Parents and children alike are pleased with the benefits derived for having this tool. This is especially beneficial when the child eventually progresses on to reading apps. Reading and writing is something every child will eventually have to master, but the introduction should be done in a fun filled manner to ensure your little darling stays interested enough to progress normally. Having a handwriting app like iWriteWords is definitely the ideal tool that will help you both achieve a successful beginning to years of handwriting fun.

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Check out this video to see what iWriteWords app is all about:

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