IVF in Singapore: Learn About The Details of The Donor Egg Programme

IVF in Singapore: Learn About The Details of The Donor Egg Programme

Learn about donor egg IVF and how it works...


Women who fail to produce any eggs or produce eggs of poor quality may consider donor egg IVF.

As the commercial transaction of eggs is not permitted by the Ministry of Health in Singapore, the availability of donor eggs depends on the altruism of egg donors and these are generally scarce.

However, do note that the payment of reasonable expenses, which includes the cost of collecting, storing and transporting the egg as well as earnings lost, is permitted by Singapore law.

After a donor has been identified, she will have to go through some tests to determine the dosage of hormones she will need to stimulate her ovaries to produce eggs. After the ovarian hyperstimulation stage, which can take between two to eight weeks, the donor will then have her eggs retrieved. The eggs are retrieved through the vagina in a 20-minute procedure performed with the donor under local anesthesia.

The success rate in achieving a pregnancy will depend on the age of the donor and how healthy her eggs are.

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