Isabella Leong gives birth to twins

Isabella Leong gives birth to twins

It's three boys for Isabella Leong and Richard Li

Isabella Leong gives birth to twins

Isabella Leong gives birth to twins

According to newspaper reports, 22-year-old Isabella Leong gave birth to a pair of male twins earlier last month. While not married, the father of her three kids is Richard Li, son of billionaire Li Ka-shing. Last year the former actress gave birth to the couple’s  first son in April. In an article that appeared in Channel New Asia  after the birth of her first child, Leong was given two mansions in San Francisco and HK$50 million in cash, totaling more than HK$200 million. The Li family also provided her with an entourage of care-givers, including five bodyguards, four full-time nannies and a personal attendant for her son Ethan.

Now with three sons, the Li family will definitely no longer have to worry about having someone to carry on “the family line”.

Michelle Lo, spokesperson for Isabella Leong, said she has not been able to respond at this stage and has not received instructions to provide photos of the twins.

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