Is your child too sick for school?

Is your child too sick for school?

Cough, cold, or fever? When do these symptoms warrant a day off school? Find out here.

too sick for school When your child is running a might be best to keep them at home

The occasional cough and cold is normal for the course of any childhood, but when does it warrant a day in bed and a day off from school? We share with you some ways you can tell if your child is really too sick for school.

The heat is on

According to many healthcare experts, if your child is running a temperature of 38 degrees and above, he or she is probably too sick for school. It is also best for you to bring them to the doctor to not only get the Medical Certificate but also the proper medication to bring that fever down. If your child is five and below and has a temperature of 39.5 degrees and above, you might want to consider taking them straight to the emergency room, as very high fever in young children can be dangerous.

too sick for school If you notice your child throwing up in the bathroom, it is best to keep them home

Always in the loo

Another factor that indicates that your child might be too sick for school is if he or she spends more time in the bathroom throwing up. Vomiting and diarrhoea are usually signs of food poisoning or even a stomach bug so it is probably best for your child to be at home where the bathroom is in reach for their frequent purging. The best cure for such stomach upsets is to let it run its course and as constant vomiting can be extremely draining, it is good to keep your child resting in bed.

Is that a leak?

If your child has any discharge coming out from their eyes or nose, they might be too sick for school and need to visit the doctor. Discharge from orifices such as the eye, nose or ear can signal infection and since the infection can be contagious, it is more prudent for your child to spend the day at home rather than risk spreading their infection.

too sick for school Try to keep your children at home if they are contagious


Of course, one of the red flags for any parent debating if their child is too sick for school is when they have contracted a contagious disease. Even if you suspect your child might have chicken pox or HFMD, they might already be too sick for school. You also do not want to allow them to go near any crowded areas when they are still contagious.

Do you know of any other times when your child might be too sick for school that you would like to add? You can check out more tips on when your child might be too sick for school:

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