Getting over an affair - is it possible?

Getting over an affair - is it possible?

Dealing with a broken heart due to an extramarital affair is not easy. While the hurt goes deep, sometimes, the marriage can work again and it just ends. For those struggling with this, here are some tips to get you through this difficult time.


The worst deception in a marriage is that of infidelity. How does one get over an affair?

The worst deception in a marriage is that of infidelity–an affair. How does one get over that? Does one ever truly get over being betrayed by a cheating spouse?

Getting over an affair isn’t something that just happens any more than the infidelity just happened. Getting over the fact that you had a cheating spouse takes:


They say time heals all wounds. In the case of a cheating spouse, this old adage is surely true. Whether the affair ends the marriage or not, there will come a time when both husband and wife decide it is time to put the past in the past and go on with life.

How much time? Only you can say. For some, the time it takes to get over your spouse’s affair is about as long as it takes to pack their bags and set them in the yard.

For those who decide to let the affair eat away at their self-esteem, the time it takes to move forward can be months or even years.

And for those who choose to handle getting over an affair by mending and healing their marriage, the time it takes for this to happen depends upon the hearts of the couple in repair.

How to get over an affair?

Again, there is no definite ‘how’ when it comes to getting over and affair. In some instances a cheating spouse will choose to end the marriage to be with his/her lover. This leaves the cheated-on spouse no choice but to find their own way to go forward with life.

In other marriages, the cheating spouse is truly remorseful and wants to make amends. This takes a lot of hard work, gut-wrenching honesty and more trust than you can imagine. It also takes a great big forgiving heart.

Forgiveness. Desire. Hard work. Trust. These are the things necessary for getting over an affair.

Only the two people involved in the marriage can decide if they both have enough of these things to try to work things out and if they want to work things out.

What would you do if your husband cheated on you? 

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Darla Noble

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