Asbestos found in popular crayon brand, parents urged to be cautious

Asbestos found in popular crayon brand, parents urged to be cautious

Is there asbestos in crayons? Tests have revealed that a popular brand of crayons contains asbestos...

Is there asbestos in crayons? It may be hard to believe, but a popular brand of crayons has tested positive for asbestos.

The US Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG) Education Fund recently revealed that Playskool crayons contain toxic levels of asbestos. So it has now urged retailers like Amazon to pull them from their shelves.

Is There Asbestos in Crayons? Popular Brand Tests Positive

Five other crayon brands – Crayola, Target's Up & Up, Cra-Z-Art, Disney Junior Mickey and the Roadster Racers and Roseart – were also tested, and found to be asbestos-free.

The crayons in the tests came from packs purchased at a Dollar Tree store in Chicago, U.S.

is there asbestos in crayons

How harmful is asbestos? Well, asbestos is a known carcinogen which can lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma if inhaled or ingested.

Ms Kara Cook-Schultz, toxics director for US PIRG, said, "There is no reason to be exposing kids to a known carcinogen, especially in crayons."

Playskool's parent company, Hasbro, is also currently conducting a thorough investigation into the claims.

Back in 2015, many major brands, including Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Crayons and Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crayons, were found to contain trace amounts of asbestos fibers.

Little kids sometimes have the habit of eating and nibbling on crayons, which is why parents should take precautions and opt for reliable and non-toxic products. 


Source: U.S. PIRG

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