Is it true that every woman turns into her mother?

Is it true that every woman turns into her mother?

A fun experiment on five mums and daughters, using some computer wizardry, further proves the age-old belief that every woman turns into her mother

An amusing experiment has been making the rounds online.

It involved five mums and daughters from England. Using some computer wizardry, Mail Online was able to prove to them that they really did look alike.

Sara, 62, and her daughter Clemmie, 30


62-year-old mum of three Sara Pearson owns a PR firm and resides in Chelsea, London with her partner.

Her daughter Clemmie, 30, is a director at her mother's firm.

Sara doesn't think she and her daughter look alike, saying that Clemmie as far more attractive than she was in her youth. While Clemmie thinks otherwise. She hopes to have her mum's youthful glow when reaches her 60s.

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Josie, 48, and her daughter Jodie, 24


Josie O'Rourke, 48, told Mail Online, "My looks are very important to me. And I admit I'm vain. When I see myself without make-up, it's disheartening. There are some women who embrace ageing, but I can't because I used to be so attractive - just like my daughter, Josie. Ageing is definitely harder for attractive women. If you worry about your looks, you've more to lose."

Her daughter, 24-year-old Jodie Clark O'Rourke is an events manager who lives in Stratford, East London.

When asked about aging, Jodie says it hasn't even crossed her mind yet. But she shares that her mum Josie hates getting older.

"I wish she could see she's still gorgeous," Jodie tells Mail Online. "I love that we look so alike - we have the same eyes, smile and dimples."

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Esther, 73, and her daughter, Wendy, 43


Esther 73, a retired housekeeper, says she stopped caring about what she looked like after she got married not because she gave up but because she gained a new perspective.

Daughter, Wendy Brake, 43, is a paediatric sleep consultant, shares proudly that aging doesn't really phase her. Instead, she finds it liberating.

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mom5Frances, 83, and her daughter, Tineka, 57


A former stay-at-hom mum, Frances Dunscombe, 83, recently became a model. She has three grown-up grandkids from her daughter Tineka, 57.

Tineka describes her mum as being 'effortlessly stunning'. She's grateful to have inherited her good genes along with healthy habits.

Frances is young at heart and enjoys dancing around the house to her favorite music. She was pleasantly surprised their computer-generated portrait because she never thought they looked alike.

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mom7Rhonda, 45 and her daughter Darcey, 15


Glasgow-based model Rhonda Mackintosh, says that Darcey is the spitting image of her younger self. Looking at her, it's as if she's going back in time.

However, 15-year-old Darcey admits that their portrait came as a surprise to her...


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