Is going to Orchard Towers or a KTV lounge considered cheating?

Is going to Orchard Towers or a KTV lounge considered cheating?

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going to Orchard towers or a KTV

Is Going to Orchard Towers cheating? Read on to find out the answer!

Is going to Orchard Towers or a KTV lounge considered cheating?

A friend recently posed this interesting question to me and it certainly got us to thinking. On the surface, it seems like a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, but if one digs deeper into the issue, you will realise that this moral dilemma of going to Orchard Towers or a KTV lounge is certainly one that can’t be easily resolved.

Shady business

In case you are unaware, Orchard Towers is supposedly renowned for its ‘four floors of whores’, which houses numerous dodgy clubs, bars and massage parlours.

While Orchard Towers is relatively ‘clean’ during the daytime, it allegedly becomes a red light district at night once the ‘four floors of whores’ open for business.

KTV lounges can be found all over Singapore and the shady KTV lounges can often be found in the Jalan Besar area, although there are many other shady KTV lounges in other parts of Singapore too.

As often seen on local drama serials, these shady KTV lounges primarily cater to businessmen who lock themselves in a room with an escort who accompanies them, and often this leads to the businessman paying for sex or other special services.

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Now that we are all clear on why going to Orchard Towers or a KTV lounge can raise some problems between a couple, it is time to explore the contentious issue.

It is important to remember that for the sake of this argument, it shall be assumed that the men going to Orchard Towers or a KTV lounge do not actually engage in sexual activities with the escorts.

Clubs in Singapore

Check out what the inside of Orchard Towers looks like at night

Why visiting Orchard Towers is not considered cheating

Firstly, many men are forced to visit such places for various reasons, such as business, or when they get peer pressured into going to Orchard Towers or a KTV lounge during a night out with their male friends.

Trust is an important factor in any relationship and screaming at your husband despite the fact that he was compelled to go to such places only makes matters worse.

Perfectly imperfect

Perfectly imperfect

Secondly, nobody is perfect and everyone is susceptible to temptation every now and then. Your husband may have visited those places with the intention of cheating but it is important to bear in mind that ultimately, he did not go through with the act of infidelity.

A similar analogy can be used to better illustrate this concept. For example, in a fit of rage, you decide to head downstairs to buy a knife to murder your unreasonable boss. But after purchasing the knife, you realise you can’t bring yourself to really murder your boss. Should you be convicted of murder simply because you had the intention to do so? Of course not!

The same logic should be applied here. In a lustful moment, your husband may have visited those places but in the end, it is important to remember that he did not go through with it (if he decided not to).

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Avoiding trouble

That being said, it is probably best to avoid such places, especially when you are a married man. The fact that such places are full of attractive women focusing on securing a client for the night makes any man very vulnerable to committing infidelity. Although going to Orchard Towers or a KTV lounge may not necessarily be an act of cheating, it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

In conclusion, there is no fixed answer to this moral dilemma and whether it is a case of cheating ultimately boils down to the circumstances of each individual case.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Here is a video of how the outside of Orchard Towers is like during the night:

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