5-year-old girl left alone outside the cinema while parents watched 'The Nun'

5-year-old girl left alone outside the cinema while parents watched 'The Nun'

She was all alone for around two hours.

There are some things in life that we can most definitely wait for — like catching a movie in the cinemas. But some go to great lengths just to catch the latest movie – even “responsible parents”. 

Irresponsible Parents: When ‘The Nun’ Is More Important Than ‘The Child’

Recently in the Philippines, a five-year-old girl, together with her parents and two other adult companions, went to the mall to watch The Nun, shared concerned citizen Nelson Mendoza in a Facebook post.

But it did not turn out like a typical movie date with the kid. The girl was made to wait outside of the cinema hallway for two hours until the PG-13 rated horror movie (read: highly inappropriate for a young child), finished. 

irresponsible parents

Left outside the cinema by herself. Just imagine how she might have felt… | Image: Facebook screengrab/Nelson Mendoza

Naturally, the girl was not allowed to enter the cinema.

But, the four adults still went ahead and watched it, despite suggestions from cinema porters and even the guard on duty to the parents, “to just have their tickets refunded”.

Apart from the actions by these irresponsible parents, Mendoza also expressed his disappointment towards the cinema management stating that they “should have refused on this, citing security reasons”. But even the cinema manager is “nowhere in sight”.

If the management can be strict when it comes to bringing in food inside the cinema, then surely, they “ought to be stricter in accepting ‘valuables’ too.”

Leaving a child out on their own unsupervised is “negligence and abusive”, Mendoza added.

What Netizens Have to Say

Although the Facebook post is no longer available on Mendoza’s page, here is what was shared:

irresponsible parents

The Facebook post on the irresponsible parents went viral immediately. It amounted to 65,000 shares. (Picture: Screengrab from Elite Readers)

Even netizens chimed in to give their two cents’ worth to the decision made by the girl’s parents.

Some could not condone the behaviour of the parents:

  • The parents of this girl is badly affected by the humanextremestupidity virus. They are probably brainless by now.
  • I’m so disgusted ! What’s wrong with these people !

Some also said that the parents’ actions could be punishable by law:

  • WTF!!! seriously? One adult could have easily made the “sacrifice” of not watching the fu#%*< film. They should be reported to Child Protective Services. This is abuse.”
  • Child endangerment. Punishable under the Philippine family law.

What are your thoughts on the incident, mums and dads? 


Source: Philippine NewsElite Readers

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