Introducing MAM Pacifiers

Introducing MAM Pacifiers

Sucking is a natural need for babies and important for their development. The benefit, however, depends on what sort of pacifiers they are sucking.

A soother is far better than fingers, toys or everyday items – they are easier to be weaned from and because they have been clearly proven to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or ‘cot death’.But there are clear differences between soothers. Standard soothers can literally put too much pressure in the mouth:

• A thick teat neck makes the gap between jaw and teeth rows too large,
• The shape and position of the baby teeth can be adversely affected,
• Which at a later stage also affects the permanent teeth;
• Non-flexible, stiff teat material puts pressure on gums and tongue,
• Which negatively influences growing teeth just when they are at their most impressible stage.

The right pacifier for every age

MAM Pacifiers come in different sizes. This is good news as there are big differences between tiny newborns and toddlers. Mouth and jaw develop at an incredible pace.  MAM’s pacifier grows too – to support healthy development at each stage. MAM Pacifiers are now available for toddlers aged 16+ months, ensuring that there is a suitable pacifier for every baby age:

• 0+ months
• 2+ months
• 6+ months
• 16+ months

MAM Original

MAM Pacifiers

MAM Original Pacifier – now available in size 16+ months

Babies can relax in comfort and style because MAM pacifiers are created by designers and developed together with dentists and orthodontists.

MAM’s attention to detail has resulted in a wide variety of pacifier sizes being created – providing maximum comfort for babies of all ages.


MAM Perfect

Thanks to Dento-Flex®, the MAM Perfect’s teat neck is 60% thinner and 3 times softer* and more adaptable than standard pacifiers! Teeth therefore have more room to grow and the risk of  misalignment is reduced. So that nothing gets in the way of healthy dental development. MAM Perfect – for the perfect start in life! Developed with Orthodontists & Paediatric Dentists. Clinically tested by the Dental University Clinic of Vienna.

Introducing MAM Pacifiers


MAM Baby

Technological innovation, medical expertise, unique function. So that parents have peace of mind and design. This is how MAM sets global standards for babies, for the best start in life. More information is available at or buy online at

MAM Baby is distributed exclusively by Nuline Products. Please check our website for more information :

For further enquiries, please contact Wendee Lee at [email protected]

* On average: 53 – 78 % thinner / 1.50 – 5.33 times softer than regular silicone soothers


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Written by

Felicia Chin

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