Giving up pacifiers: What do toddlers really think?

Giving up pacifiers: What do toddlers really think?

Giving up pacifiers isn't always an easy thing for toddlers to do. A funny video on what kids might think if kids gave up their pacifiers.

A funny video made by moms shows what toddlers would say about giving up pacifiers if they can communicate it with their moms, and it is hilarious!

Toddlers really do love their pacifiers, and it would be pretty difficult to make them part with their beloved pacifier since it relaxes them, helps them sleep, and just overall soothes them.

Toddlers use pacifiers to help them relax and be calm. Parents can have their days off, while toddlers have pacifiers, so it's pretty understandable why giving up pacifiers can be a difficult thing for kids to do.

Pacifiers aren't actually just for helping pacify a restless baby. Studies show that pacifiers can also reduce the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. And contrary to popular belief, using pacifiers don't cause dental problems, so long as they are weaned off of it within the first 2 years of their lives.

Pacifiers do have their downsides however, as kids can get too attached to using their pacifiers. For other kids who are used to sleeping with pacifiers in their mouths, losing their pacifier can be a bad experience and might lead to them being unable to sleep at night. Weaning your child off of using a pacifier can be easy or hard depending on how you handle it, and attachment to pacifiers can vary depending on your child's behavior. Don't worry about it too much, most kids do eventually wean themselves off using a pacifier.

Watch the hilarious video here:

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