New trend: wigs for bald baby girls

New trend: wigs for bald baby girls

Parents are buying baby bangs to enhance their little girls’ looks. Find out more about the controversy regarding these stylish wigs for bald baby girls.

baby bangs

What do you say, wigs for baby girls, yay or nay?

No to baldness, for beauty’s sake

If you think the current trend towards cosmetic enhancements are ridiculously unnecessary, wait till you hear about this—baby bangs! It seems the al-naturale look is passé and fakery is in vogue this season. Or not…

By the looks of it, baldness is out of fashion this season. It does not matter if you are young or old, stressed or doing national service; baldness has a new synonym—ugly. Even adorably bald baby girls are not spared.

If your baby’s lack of hair is stressing you out, worry no more.  An innovative company has come up with a creative solution for the follicle challenged baby. It’s called Baby Bangs and they manufacture cute little wigs for bald baby girls. How about that for a solution?!

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Baby Bangs

The market for baby products is an ever expanding one. Companies are constantly coming up with “solutions” and new trends, to entice proud new parents. After all which upwardly mobile new parent doesn’t want to make a fashion statement with their newborn bundle of joy.

The UK’s Daily Mail picked up on a recent trend that allows baby girls to be distinguished from baby boys. Just like the blue for boys and ‘blinged’ pink for girls, Baby Bangs wigs are meant to beautify a baby girl so that she won’t be mistaken for a little boy.

According to Daily Mail, Baby Bangs is the brainchild of a mother and daughter who thought of creating a fashionable hairpiece for newborn girls.

baby bangs

So who thinks I’m a baby boy?

What’s the big hairy deal?

We checked out their website where an eyebrow-raising slogan caught our attention: “At Baby Bangs! We believe in the beauty of childhood.” The statement seemed pretty ironic to us. They’re in the business of providing beauty aids for children. Children by most people’s standards are beautiful naturally. No?

As Callie Beusman, feminist writer, said in her article in Jezebel “So the princess dogma is starting at such a young age that a newborn’s natural (downy-headed) state is somehow undesirable?”

Certainly, young parents who see their little baby girls as princesses go to great lengths just to make them look like one. Need an example? Watch Toddlers & Tiaras. The series is about extravagantly made-up little girls competing in beauty pageants and performing suggestive dance routines and songs. What happened to the innocence of childhood?

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Who is the fairest of them all?

Beusman continued, “Is the window of time during which a woman’s physical appearance isn’t subjected to constant scrutiny and held up to strict standards going to narrow so much that all fetuses will need beautiful virtual makeovers.”

Imposing the importance of appearance on little girls, teaching them to rely on their appearance—what damage will instilling these values so early in life cause?

Beusman also added, “Babies all look the same; that’s kind of their thing. It’s not only unnecessary, but also pretty much insane, to start forcing cosmetic enhancements on a child too young to even have hair on her head.” Well said.

One of the mum in our office was more concerned about the practicalities: ” Personally, I love smelling the top of my baby’s head. I couldn’t do that with a wig. And how does it stay on their head? My baby keeps rolling around. The thing would be on the floor half the time!”

We think its perfectly normal for parents to want to dress little babies up. They are unbelievable adorable. So go crazy with the frilly tutus and flowery headbands. They make for beautiful photos. But surely baby girls don’t need wigs so they’re not mistaken for baby boys.

Would you buy a baby wig? Tell us in the comments below.

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