Innovative father makes 'green' toys

Innovative father makes 'green' toys

Malaysian father who was trying to find ways to earn more found a way to recycle waste products into new toys. These 'green' toys are now quite a hit in his town. Read on.

Malaysian newspaper, The Star reported on the resourcefulness of a cobbler and father of five, Derus Ghani.  In an attempt to find new ways of generating income, he used his skills to turn discarded items into toy helicopters and aeroplanes.  These recycled toys can even be used as decorative ornaments!

Derus, 47, uses polystyrene, plastic bottles, paper, Japanese slippers and wires to make his “aircraft” which comes complete with propellers.  Although these toys are non-motorised, they can still go airborne when flung in the air.  Derus said it takes him about five hours to design and paint an aircraft.  He added that the toy could only be sold if it could fly.  To date, he has sold over 100 of his creations.

“I believe this is the only way to make extra income without having to come up with any capital as long as there are discarded materials around.  I get the designs for the helicopters and airplanes from the Internet. These are the latest models of the US army,” he said at his stall under a tree at Jalan Padang Tembak, Pengkalan Chepa in Kelantan.

Derus hangs his “masterpieces” on the branches of the tree which he sits under when mending shoes.

“I have many orders. Sometimes I cannot fulfill the orders on time as I am working alone and managing my shoe mending business at the same time,” he said.

His resourcefulness is one of the many ways in which we can continue efforts in saving the world.  What else can we do to help the world by recycling? Share with us your recycling tips today.

Source: The Star

Photo credit: Sazuki Embong/The Star

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