This important vitamin helps prevent bladder cancer!

This important vitamin helps prevent bladder cancer!

A recent study has shown that one vitamin can do more for our health than what was previously known. Read more to find out!

New research shows that people who lack vitamin D can be at risk of having bladder cancer.

The 'sunshine vitamin' is very important

According to the study, "... our work suggests that low levels of vitamin D in the blood may prevent the cells within the bladder from stimulating an adequate response to abnormal cells. As vitamin D is cheap and safe, its use in cancer prevention is exciting and could potentially impact on the lives of many people."

This means that the "sunshine vitamin" is actually much more important to our bodily functions than previously thought. This also means that having an adequate amount of vitamin D in the body should be a priority, especially for those living in places that experience winter, since the lack of sunshine can lessen the vitamin D production in their body.

Back in 2015, an estimated 76,000 adults were diagnosed with bladder cancer, and 15,000 of those that were diagnosed died from the disease. This is why it's very important that we take all the preventive steps that we can in order to lower our risk of getting cancer.

Vitamin D does more than prevent bladder cancer

In addition to preventing bladder cancer, previous studies also found that vitamin D can help prevent people from acquiring dementia in old age.

It also helps the body absorb calcium better and it also helps keep your immune system healthy; it can event prevent autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Previous studies also found that vitamin D can lower the chances of getting heart disease, as well as lower the chance of getting diabetes.

How can I ensure my family gets enough?

Of course, it's common knowledge that exposure to sunlight can help your body produce vitamin D. However, you can also get it from other sources, namely:

  • Fatty fish.  Fatty fish such as mackerel or salmon are good sources of vitamin D. Cod liver oil is also an important source.
  • Egg yolks. Eggs pack a lot of nutrients that your body needs, including protein from the whites and vitamin D from the yolk. However, make sure not to eat too much as eating too many eggs can be harmful.
  • Dairy products. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt have vitamin D and calcium, which are important for building strong bones.
  • Soy milk, cereals, and bread. While not as abundant in vitamin D, soy milk, cereals, and bread can help supplement your daily requirement.


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