At what age do men mature?

At what age do men mature?

Is hubby driving you up the wall because he is acting more like a baby than your actual baby? Immature men can be annoying. Find out what age men tend to mature and the 20 antics that women find most childish in their partners.

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As ladies, we have known all our lives that men mature a whole lot slower than us. How much slower exactly? A research has surfaced with the exact age that guys mature completely. Yes, they will eventually grow up—don’t worry.

Immature men: What’s the magic age?

Men will be emotionally mature at the age of 43—exactly 11 years after women. The average magical age in which women mature is 32. This research was commissioned by Nickelodeon UK upon launching Wendell & Vinnie—a new show.

However, eight out of 10 women actually believe that guys “never stop being childish”. Surprisingly, immature men do not vehemently oppose of the belief. In fact, one out of four men feel that they are childish.

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Immature men: Love is accepting–secrets to an awesome wedded life

The grown up in the relationship

Do you feel like you have to make all the important decisions in the relationship while hubby is glued to the TV or gaming constantly? One quarter of the women who participated in the study felt this way.

The devastating news is that three out of ten ladies have called it quits because they can’t stand the immaturity of their partners. 46% walked out of their relationships because they felt like they had to mother their other half. Immature men can really take a toll on the relationship.

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Is there a positive side to immaturity?

As a matter of fact there is…4 out of ten people believe that it is essential to keep the relationship fresh and fun with jokes and laughter. Everything feels better after a good laugh. So immature men and their antics do come in handy sometimes.

That’s not all—a tinge of immaturity can actually help when it comes to bonding with the kids. After all, childish ones can act silly without any issues.

Training immature men

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Signs of immature men

What are the signs that a man still has some growing up to do? Here is the list researches gathered when they asked women to share their experiences.

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1. Reacting to their own farts and burps and finding it comical.

2. Whopping down unhealthy fast food at 2am.

3. Absorbed in their own world of videogames.

4. “Racing” other cars at the traffic light or driving at unsafe speeds.

5. Snickering at rude words.

6. Partaking in practical jokes and pranks.

7. Not saying anything during an argument.

8. The inability to cook a basic meal.

9. Telling the same jokes over and over with the guys.

10. Avoiding proper conversations

11. Hatred for books because they think it is boring.

12.  Letting mum do the washing and cleaning or cooking.

13. Not including vegetables in their diet.

14. Showing off an over-modified pimped out car or bike.

15. Job hopping without any stability.

16. Wearing cartoon/comic sleep gear or having cartoon bed sheets.

17. Irresponsible littering.

18. Sloppy dressing style with baggy pants.

19. Showing off weight-lifting and gym-related stuff.

20. Crazy goofy-looking dance moves.


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