I'm the 'Pushing Mom'

I'm the 'Pushing Mom'

Emilia Shahood shares her labour story with theAsianparent.com

Yes. I was labeled as the 'Pushing' Mom. Having had the experience from my 1st labor with little Allyst, I knew for sure I had to push properly or else the baby won't come out and the length of time waiting will be long. So for my 2nd labor, when it was time to push, I gave it my all. I kept pushing and pushing, until I didn't realize my baby boy's out. I was too concentrating on pushing. Haha... I even asked my Husband if the baby's out or not.

My boy didn't cry when he was out, so I thought I needed to push some more.That experience was hilarious for us.

My baby boy was safely delivered on 21/01/2011...and we named him Farshan Farrell Kwan.

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