Eat Sustainably and Do Good on World Food Day

Eat Sustainably and Do Good on World Food Day

Introducing Plant Balls, IKEA famous meatballs turned vegan!

Beginning 12 October, we are welcoming a whole new ball game to IKEA restaurants – the IKEA Plant Ball! It may taste, feel and look like our iconic meat ball, but it is made with plant-derived ingredients like yellow pea protein, oats, potatoes, onions and apples!

IKEA Plant Ball

IKEA Plant Ball | Image source: IKEA Singapore

We chose to create a sustainable, meat-less alternative to inspire people around us to be climate positive, because even small things – like our food choices – have the power to make a difference. Our new plant ball leaves behind a climate footprint that is just 4% of its meaty counterpart!

Sustainable eating should be delicious and affordable for all, and that is why the plant ball with mashed potato is priced from $6.50/8pcs and $3.80 for the kids version. In addition, from 12 to 15 October, IKEA FAMILY members will also get to enjoy the plant ball with broccoli and salad for just $8/16 pcs (U.P. $12). Worried you can’t get enough? From November 2020, you can also buy a bag of frozen plant balls from the Swedish Food Market and prepare them in the comfort of your home!

IKEA Plant Ball

Image source: IKEA Singapore

Excited to try out the new plant balls on the menu? Now you can even do if for a good cause!

IKEA is partnering with Food from the Heart on World Food Day (16 October) to help fund their food distribution programmes for the less fortunate. From 16 to 30 October at both of our IKEA restaurants, $4 from every purchase of the 16-pcs IKEA Plant Ball with mashed potato, broccoli and salad set will go towards the local charity.

Eat Sustainably and Do Good on World Food Day

Image source: iStock

At IKEA, we believe in finding ways to continuously make a positive impact on the world and being a part of creating a better tomorrow for our communities.


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