How Can You Tell if Your Spouse is Lying to Your Face?

How Can You Tell if Your Spouse is Lying to Your Face?

Feeling suspicious of late? Here's a tip to know if your spouse if lying...

Knowing whether or not a person is lying directly to you can be difficult, even more so if it's your spouse.

However, there are some ways of making sure whether or not your spouse is lying to you or telling the truth.

It's not with the other person's body language

Surprisingly, you won't find it in the body language of the person you're talking to. Instead, you can tell the other person is lying through your own body language.

Body language and communication expert Lillian Glass, Ph.D. shares, "When someone lies, your own autonomic nervous system can pick it up." She adds, "If you pay attention to your own reactions in terms of the nuances of your own body language, it can help validate that you have just heard a lie."

So you can actually pick up on a person's lies by carefully observing how your body reacts to what the other person is saying. These are called "stress cues" and how your body reacts when someone tells you a lie.

Pay attention to your body language, but don't be too conscious

When you're trying to figure out whether your spouse is lying or not, make sure to not let yourself overthink.

You might be so intent on discovering a lie, that you doubt everything that the other person is saying. Or you might convince yourself that there's a lie, when in reality, it's nothing to be worried about.

If you create a stressful situation yourself by overthinking, then you'll just mess up your own body language. However, it's important to know that this isn't a 100% sure-fire way to tell if someone's lying. Some people, such as expert liars, can lie without giving the other person stress cues.

At the end of the day, the only way to make sure your spouse isn't lying is to build trust in the relationship. And from there, you must work hard to keep the trust in your marriage strong.


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