Identical twin sisters give birth just minutes apart

Identical twin sisters give birth just minutes apart

They shared a womb and now their baby girls share a birthday

Twin sisters Stephanie Edginton and Nicole Montgomery were born 3 minutes apart and since then they’ve done practically everything together. They went to the same college and they even settled into the same profession.

But we’re pretty sure they didn’t expect that they would be mums on the same day.

They were both nearing the end of their pregnancies when they went into labor and gave birth in the same hospital within 6 minutes of each other.

“We actually had a doctor’s appointment today because we were due on Friday,” Stephanie told ABC news. “We got there and they were like ‘you have to go to the hospital,’ and we get a call that Nicole and Rich are on their way, too.”

Though they had different due dates, they were admitted to the hospital on the same day

Both of them are based in New Jersey where they were admitted to Virtua Hospital on the 8th of February.

Stephanie was supposed to give birth three days earlier but hadn’t gone into labour so she was only expecting to go to the hospital for a routine check-up. Nicole, on the other hand, wasn’t due until Valentine’s day.

“So we got there and they were like, ‘You have to go to the hospital.'”, said Stephanie. “We get a call that Nicole and Rich are on their way, too.”

twin sisters give birth

screenshot: ABC News

They even went into labour in close proximity as their rooms were across the hall from each other which also allowed them to check up on one another

“I feel very blessed to be going through this with my best friend,” Nicole told ABC.

After hours of labour, Stephanie gave birth to Cora and Nicole gave birth to Louisa, just six minutes apart.

They believe their daughters, like them, will share a special bond.

Though twins giving birth at almost the same time rarely happens, another case was reported in Texas in 2015 when Karen and Kathy Escobar gave birth within hours of each other, reports Click 2 Houston.

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