Are you aware of the risks to kids posed by hydrogen balloons?

Are you aware of the risks to kids posed by hydrogen balloons?

A young woman paid a heavy price for having hydrogen balloons at her birthday party.

Can you imagine a birthday party without balloons? Kids of all ages are attracted to these colourful playthings that bring cheer to any party. It’s safe to say that balloons are an important part of all celebrations, big or small. But did you know that balloons — especially hydrogen balloons — can be deadly? All parents need to be aware of hydrogen balloon safety.

Why You Need to Know About Hydrogen Balloon Safety

Recently a viral clip revealed how a hydrogen balloon fire caused a horrific accident at a birthday party. The young woman involved suffered severe burns.

One of her friends shared the video of this unfortunate accident on his Facebook page. He captioned it saying: “Stay away from hydrogen balloons. They might prove fatal.”

Take a look at his Facebook post, which has gone viral.

The video clip shows that the girl was surrounded by hydrogen balloons. As soon as she lit the birthday candle, there was a massive explosion.

hydrogen balloon safety

Why is hydrogen balloon safety important? | Screencapped from Abdul Basit Raheem’s Facebook Page

The post also includes her before and after photos. It is heart-wrenching to see how the gorgeous girl has suffered terrible burns on her arms. The fire has also damaged her hair. 

hydrogen balloon safety

Burns due to hydrogen balloon explosion | Screencapped from Abdul Basit Raheem’s Facebook Page

As you can see, a birthday party can become a nightmare in a split second if you don’t keep safety in mind.

Hydrogen balloon safety is crucial for this reason, especially in kids’ parties.

Hydrogen Balloon Safety: Useful Tips

Remember these important points when using balloons at any party.

  • Hydrogen is flammable, mums and dads. And because it is cheaper than helium, most decorators will use hydrogen to make balloons float. So make sure that you check with your decorator about this and insist on helium balloons.
  • At times, you may be unsure if those pretty looking balloons are filled with hydrogen or helium. So it’s best to make sure that you keep the decorations at a safe distance from the main activity area, in this case, the cake cutting area.
  • Do verify that all the connections, electrical wires, and sockets in your party space are in good condition. Even a small spark can lead to hydrogen balloon explosions.
  • In any case, keep fire safety equipment handy. Do check whether the equipment is in working condition. Doing a security check beforehand is a good idea.
  • Also keep a first aid kit handy in case of any unfortunate accidents. Better to be safe than sorry.

Source: The Sun, Abdul Basit Raheem’s Facebook Page, Bubble Balloon

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