Read this husband's incredibly touching note appreciating his trauma nurse wife

Read this husband's incredibly touching note appreciating his trauma nurse wife

"My wife is a nurse. My wife is a hero." This man's tribute to his wife also comes as a great reminder to appreciate and thank all those unsung heroes in our own lives...

We encounter everyday heroes in the most unlikely places. Sometimes they are honoured and appreciated. Other times, they are not or are overshadowed by "bigger" heroes. This husband's Facebook post to his trauma nurse wife will move you.

US dad Bobby Wesson certainly knows how to honour heroes — and in his case, it's his own wife.

On November 7, Wesson shared a Facebook post appreciating his wife who works as a trauma nurse. Little did he know that his love-post would go viral, touching the hearts of many people around the world.

The post is accompanied by a beautiful picture of Rayena — his wife — curled up with their baby, taking a nap. This loving father and husband describes his wife's incredibly gruelling daily routine.

"She will kiss the baby, she will kiss me and she will leave to go take care of people that are having the worst day of their entire lives.

"Car wrecks, gunshot wounds, explosions, burns and breaks — professionals, poor, pastors, addicts and prostitutes — mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and families — it doesn't matter who you are or what happened to you. She will take care of you."

Appreciating unsung heroes — we need to do it more often

When Rayena gets back home after a tough, 14-hour shift, she will "remove shoes that have walked through blood, bile, tears and fire from aching feet and leave them outside."

Wesson describes how his wife sometimes she talks about what she's seen during her day and other times, she doesn't. This sometimes involves laughter and sometimes tears.

"But regardless of those sometimes," said Wesson, "she will be on time for her next shift."

Wesson's touching post has got over 600,000 Facebook 'likes' and has been shared over 140,000 times. It has also recieved numerous appreciative comments, celebrating the work of nurses around the world.

"We must celebrate nurses...their caring, compassion, commitment and competency. Where would we be without them? With gratitude", says one commentator.

Another commentator, a nurse herself, says, "Thanks for recognizing what we do, as nursing is a profession that as you well know, is mostly thankless , unlike fireman, paramedics and doc's we are rarely recognized as being part of the heroics."

We at theAsianparent think Wesson's note comes as a timely reminder to appreciate and thank all those in our own lives who are unsung heroes in some way.

Whether it's the taxi uncle who drives you and your kids home carefully through a tropical downpour, or your child's doctor who takes the time to patiently answer all your worried questions... thank them all from the bottom of your heart.

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