"After 10 Years of Marriage and Two Kids, My Husband is in Love With My Sister"

"After 10 Years of Marriage and Two Kids, My Husband is in Love With My Sister"

In his ‘kind’ way, he has told me that I can continue to live in this house with them and my kids, as he does not want me to have any problems once we are divorced.

I will not share my name, it is not important. I could be someone you already know, and if my husband or my in-laws found out I was sharing about this here, or if my parents found out, I would be in a lot of trouble.

I am a simple woman, and by that I mean I have simple needs; I am happy just being with my family, my husband and two kids.

I am educated, I got married when I was in college, and my in-laws allowed me to complete my degree because I really wanted to. My in-laws expected me to be home and look after everyone. My parents thought that was the best thing too. And so, I became a housewife.

My husband was very nice and caring. I had met him only once before we got married, and he told me that as long as I was doing my duties as a wife and a daughter-in-law, and maintaining the family’s respect, he would always be by my side. We became friends too, and would talk about a lot of things every day. He made sure I never felt lonely in the initial months after I got married and moved to my in-laws’ place.

Life was perfect 

We had our first baby exactly a year after we got married. Everyone was very happy, and my husband, who was by now doing well in his job, could not wait to be home with me and our baby every evening. Life was perfect and I could not be happier.

I was struggling to lose my pregnancy weight, which is when I was diagnosed with a health condition. I was put on medication, because of which my weight problem continued. We planned our second baby around the time our first child was five years old, but due to my health issues, I was always tired.

Once I did all the housework and looked after everyone, I would always be in bed. By this time, my husband started travelling a lot for work, and we started talking less and less.

I had health issues and my sister moved in

During my second pregnancy, my husband suggested I call my sister over to help me with the housework and look after the first baby. My in-laws were old and to be honest, did not do anything in the house. Also, they don’t like to have a maid in the house, which meant all my days were spent in the kitchen or doing chores.

My sister agreed to move in with us for some time, and it was very kind of her. From the moment she came, she took over so many responsibilities. She told me it was now my time to rest, and was always making sure everyone was looked after.

She asked her brother-in-law all about his favorite dishes and every day made them for dinner. She played with our child and also looked after the school work.

With all this new energy in the house and with things being done on time, everyone was very happy, especially my husband. He started coming home on time and would sit with my sister after dinner and have a lot of hearty chats. I would sleep, hugging my child, happy that he was again looked after.

My husband and sister had always bonded, and now they became really good friends. On days when I was in bed and could hardly move, she would make sure I was comfortable. On some nights in the week, my husband would take her out for dinner.

Every weekend, he would take her and our child for shopping, so that I could easily rest at home. Soon my sister joined some course where she had to go out during the weekends, and my husband would go with her, to drop her and bring her back home at night. Along with taking care of my household, I was happy that she was taking care of her life too.

She stayed back after our second baby was born, as my husband insisted it would help me. He made sure she was comfortable and convinced my parents that it was best if she moves in with us.

I was happy to have my sister by me, after all, she had done so much for me and our family. Both my children adored her, and sometimes, they wanted to spend more time with her than with me.

He soon revealed that he wanted to leave me to marry my sister

That day, my husband told me he wanted a separation. He said he is in love with my sister, and wants to marry her. He said she too is in love with him, that they have really tried to avoid it, but now, they are both madly in love and can’t live without each other.

For all these years, the sister I thought was my biggest friend and support, and the husband I felt was the kindest husband in the world, were doing this right in my home, in front of me, and I remained a trusting fool.

In his ‘kind’ way, he has told me that I can continue to live in this house with them and my kids, as he does not want me to have any problems once we are divorced.

After 10 years of marriage, this is what I get. What help or hope do I have now? My life is over. Can you tell me if there is anything that I can do?

*Name has been withheld to protect the identity of the writer

This article was originally published on theIndusparent.

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