Husband allegedly murders wife, stuffs body in suitcase

Husband allegedly murders wife, stuffs body in suitcase

She was found in her underwear, with an electric wire tied around her neck.

Shocking news has come to notice. A university professor has been arrested after his wife’s body was found, stuffed inside a suitcase in his office.

She was found in her underwear, with an electric wire tied around her neck.

Husband Allegedly Murders Wife

The incident happened in Hong Kong. According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the accused is Associate Professor Cheung Kie Chung, 53, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong.

On 20 August 2018, Prof Cheung reported that his wife was missing. As per his version of events, on 16 August, his wife and daughter had a dispute over toilet hygiene after which the daughter left home.

The next day, his wife blamed him for not supporting her during the dispute. She then apparently left home, and a report was lodged.

His daughter posted flyers about her missing mother. The flyer identified her as Tina Chan, who had medium build and mid-length hair.

husband allegedly murders wife

Photo: Screengrab HKFP

Police suspected foul play when security footage showed Prof Cheung moving a wooden box out of their building. Also, there was no evidence of his wife leaving the premises.

After days of investigation, they found the wooden box in Prof Cheung’s office. Inside it was a suitcase, containing the decomposing body of his wife.

The professor was then arrested.

“The Couple Were Completely Normal”

husband allegedly murders wife

Photo: Screengrab/Apple Daily

The presence of an electric wire around her neck, suggests that the victim was strangled. There were also no other wounds on her body.

Superintendent Law Kwok Hoi of the Hong Kong Island crime squad has been quoted by SCMP as saying, “There was blood seeping out of the suitcase, and it stank.”

Officers suspect that the professor’s wife was murdered at their home.

Investigations have revealed that the couple often quarelled over “trivial matters”, but there was no record of any domestic violence. The couple’s two children have also confirmed the family disputes.

Former HKU scholar Roger Wong Hoi-fung has described Prof Cheung as a “well-respected, principled man who would fight for justice. They were no different from any middle-aged couple.” 

While Felix Ng Kwok-yan, a fellow association member, has said, “I have never heard about any family dispute. I don’t believe he would do anything like this.”

May the truth triumph.


Source: SCMP, HKFP

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