Outrage As Video Shows Man In China Beats Wife To Death As Onlookers Do Nothing

Outrage As Video Shows Man In China Beats Wife To Death As Onlookers Do Nothing

The man repeatedly beats his wife in the middle of the street after a heated argument between the two.

Horrifying video footage of a man in China beating his wife to death while onlookers stand by and do nothing has sparked outrage online.

The video, which was originally posted on Chinese microblogging website Weibo on Sunday (1 November), has since gone viral and raised questions on the prevalence of domestic violence in China. According to the police statement, the woman was killed on Saturday morning.

Man Lets Out Frustration On Wife After Traffic Collision

The attack happened after the couple got involved in a traffic incident where they hit another vehicle while riding a scooter in Shuozhuo city. 

Reports say the man was “hitting his wife” with a wooden stool before then beating her with a rock. 

He was immediately detained by the police. They also confirmed that the woman had died due to the injuries she sustained the same morning. Further investigations are being done, reports say. 

video of domestic violence

Screengrab from video of domestic violence. | Image Source: Weibo

Video Of Domestic Violence Also Shows People Watched And Did Nothing

Pictures of the attack first surfaced on social media on Sunday and have since been shared millions of times. The footage also showed bystanders, motorists and pedestrians watching the attack, none of whom stepped in to help the woman.

The incident drew criticism online with many pointing out the inaction of the bystanders—with others pointing out how others chose to record instead of rescuing the victim.

man beats wife to death

Video of domestic violence also showed onlookers how just watched and did nothing. | Image Source: Screengrab from Weibo

Posts of multiple footages capturing the scene led to recalling of past domestic abuse cases that were also ignored by bystanders.

The lack of response from onlookers is said to be because of certain societal ideas in some sectors in China. People tend to not intervene in such cases because they don’t want to be held accountable for anything that happens after the abuse. 

In response to this, China enacted a “Good Samaritan” legislation in 2017 that aims to remove civil liability for people who help those involved in violence or accidents. This was made in hopes that bystanders would no longer hesitate to intervene when they see domestic violence happening in front of them. 

Domestic Violence in Singapore

Domestic violence can take the form of physical harm, sexual assault, prolonged verbal or psychological abuse. Domestic or family violence is any violent, threatening or controlling behaviour that occurs within the family.

If you are or know someone who is experiencing family violence, please call any of these helplines:

Where To Get Help: Domestic Violence Hotlines

ComCare Call

SOS (24 hours daily)

MSF Child Protective Service

Care Corner Project StART
6476 1482

The National CARE hotline:

PAVE Integrated Services for Individual and Family Protection Specialist Centre (ISIFPSC)
6555 0390

6449 9088

For urgent cases that require immediate assistance, contact the police at 999 or SMS 71999.

With reports from Nikki De Guzman and Ally Villar


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