10 secret thoughts going through hubby’s head during the first ultrasound

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Wondering what's really going through a Singaporean man's head when he's at the Doctor's for baby's ultrasound check ups? Read on and laugh along...

1.Wah Kaoz! Shit just got real

2. You better start eating more now, don't always diet and scared fat. You need to eat for two already!  

3. How come it's called ultrasound when you actually see it instead of hear it?

4. Where?? look where? what's that?? what's this white thing there?

5. How come baby’s heart beat so loud?

6. Did we really create that?

7. (Random thought) What’s for dinner? I’m hungry!

8. Can scan longer - anyway same price hor?

9. Can take video or not, or will Doctor scold me?

10. Wah - I’m really gonna be a daddy!!!

Mums, share with us, how did hubby react at the first ultrasound visit? For more fun reads, check out Secret thoughts going through hubby’s head when you say,"I'm pregnant". 

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani