How to apply concealer perfectly

How to apply concealer perfectly

We show you how to find the perfect concealer for your skin and how to apply it.

With the amount of stress and anxiety that comes with being a parent, it is important for mums to pay close attention to their health and overall wellness. Dark circles and zits can easily develop and can wreck havoc with your skin.

The instant fix is to apply a concealer to expertly hide those flaws. But be sure to find the right concealer for your skin type.

The Right Concealer For You
The most important things is to correctly choose the right concealer for your skin type and purpose. Liquid and cream concealers are easy to apply but have the tendency to become a little oily, which means it has greater tendency to glide off, whereas those stick formulas are known to stay intact better.

When choosing a concealer to hide dark circles under your eyes, it is better to get a concealer than has a touch of green in its tint. The rule of the thumb here is to choose a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation so you will be able to blend the two together easily.

Concealers for Dark Circles
If you are attempting to hide those panda eyes, make sure that you apply your concealer on top of your foundation and corrector and right before you set your makeup with powder. Doing things in an improper order can possibly wipe the concealer off during the application of a foundation.

Gently pat concealer under your eyes with the use of your index finger. Exert a gentle pressure and carefully blend in an outward direction while making sure you will not drag the skin. Don't forget to apply concealer to the inner sides of your eyes and your top lid as well.

TIP: Bobbi Brown concealer and corrector is known to be excellent choice for very bad dark circles. 

Concealers for Spots and Blemishes

To hide unsightly blemishes and spots, gently brush the concealer on the area. Start applying the concealer at the center of the skin imperfection and feather with outward strokes. Pat with powder to keep the concealer intact.

Concealers for Scars and Birthmarks

For scars and birthmarks, you should use heavy duty concealers. It is advisable to buy a specially prepared one from a specialist make-up store like Sephora, instead of buying one off the rack from Watsons etc. There are concealers with special formulations for waterproof coverage. So before you shop, make sure you know what you need by determining first what you need it for and what is the best type of concealer would best fit your skin needs.

Tip: Cover FX is a good for heavy coverage. Works well for chronic dark eye circles too

Concealer for Wrinkles

Some women complain that concealers have a tendency to dry up and cake around wrinkles and fine lines. If you experience this, try dabbing eye cream under your concealer. Allow the eye cream to soak in the skin before gently dabbing the excess amount using a soft tissue.

To help the concealer stay in place, set it with a very light dusting of translucent powder. Do not use foundation or compact powder as this will emphasize wrinkles.

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