How well do you know your child?

How well do you know your child?

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) launches a new tool to help parents understand their kids better and bring them up to be happy and confident with a healthy state of mind.

colours of the mind, children mental health

Colours of the Mind: Get insights from experts on children mental health with HPB’s latest tool!

As parents, we want only the best things in life for our kids. We put high hopes on them for the future, and go to great lengths to ensure that they are well prepared to face the many challenges in life.

To address the lifestyle needs of parents in Singapore, HPB, in collaboration with a panel of professors, has developed a comprehensive tool to help parents better understand the mental wellbeing of their kids through the way they think, feel and behave.

Know the colours of your child’s mind
colours of the mind, children mental health

Colours of the Mind: Take the scale to gain insights to children’s mental health

Aptly named ‘Colours of the Mind’, the tool which comes in the form of a quiz helps parents with kids aged 6 to 12 gain insights on their child’s mental wellbeing. The 25 questions in the tool were formulated based on 2 years’ worth of research and results of a 2011 survey that involved 1,000 Singaporean children, as well as 100 parents, teachers and counsellors.

As parents go through the questions, they will be able to get an insight on how their kids think, feel and behave about various aspects of their life, such as school and their interaction with friends.

Upon completing the quiz, parents will be able to identify the key strengths of their kids, and how they fare based on the 3 domains of Positive Functioning, Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. There is also a list of suggested activities that parents can do with their kids to build up their child’s mental wellbeing by focusing on their strengths.

colours of the mind, children mental health

Go through the simple quiz questions on children mental health in the Colours of the Mind tool

Parents can complete the Colours of the Mind quiz based on their own assessment of how their child think and feel, or to get their child to complete the quiz on their own. According to Mummy blogger Meiling Wong (, the setup of the quiz was “attractive, child-friendly and easy to navigate”. As she sat down next to her 9-year-old to complete the quiz, she found that most of the questions were “pretty straightforward and easily understood”.

Mums and dads who would like to keep a record of the quiz can opt to have the results sent to their email. After 3 months, HPB will then send an email to invite parents to take the quiz again to check for improvements in their child’s mental wellbeing.

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