Mum's pumped milk turned blue because of baby's flu!

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"Her little one got the flu and her pumped milk changed colours within that same day."

On 24 May, Facebook user Michelle Lim posted a photo on Facebook showing a friend's breast milk changing into a tint of blue within a day due to her baby's flu.

In the post, she mentioned; "Her little one got the flu and her pumped milk changed colours within that same day. We really need to appreciate our bodies every now and then even if others do not."


This incredible photo shows that the colour of expressed milk does change when the baby falls ill. The comment section is filled with marvelled responses by fellow mums.

Some mums related to the post, sharing that their milk also changed to a tint of blue when their newborns were down with the flu. Here were some of the shared comments by mums!

"No wonder mine was bluish this morning. My baby was having the flu." 

"Oh, I noticed my milk colour changed too as my baby had the flu recently but it has never occurred to me that this could be the reason why."

"I got yellow coloured milk recently, may be due to my baby's cough that's been going on for long time."

Another mum shared that her breastmilk changed colour due to herself being sick.

"I got this milk colour yesterday too. I was down with sinus infection and my milk came out slightly blue."


Mummies, have you experienced anything similar? Do share your thoughts with us- we would love to hear from you.

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Written by

Pavin Chopra